Our Fascination With Painkillers.

How Can We Maintain Hope In A World that Has a Fascination With Painkillers? For me, it all started after the car wreck. They hospitalized me with a skull fracture and brain swelling. The coma was a God-send for me. At least I didn’t have to deal with the pain of my brain swelling. Eventually, […]

Facing the Grim Reaper With Courage

Death Isn’t Something I’ve Planned For – Please say a prayer for me today. Today, as I write this post, a dense blanket of clouds covers the sky. It’s the kind of day old people find themselves thinking about the Grim Reaper. They think about the life that’s no longer easy to maneuver. I had […]

Religious Compassion- Death Awaits

What Concessions Can We Make As a Democratic Society At the End of Life? It’s been a tough couple of weeks for my sons and I. Their father received a diagnosis that he had a very aggressive form of cancer a few weeks ago. Radiation and chemotherapy began. He suddenly developed pneumonia last week, and […]