“Missing” Fantasy Series-Conflict Good & Evil


"Missing" - Book 2 in the "Lessons from Fiori Series
“Missing” – Book 2 in the “Lessons from Fiori Series


Kidnapping. Monsters. Magic.

Missing: Elle’s desperate to find her kidnapped brother. She teams up with the winged warriors from the dimension of Fiori to save him, but JJ isn’t the only one in danger. What will Elle sacrifice to bring her brother home? Can she fulfill the ancient prophecy and restore the magic of the Bronze Pendant?

You will love this Coming of Age, action-packed fantasy for middle-grade readers. Elle Burton’s goal is to rescue her brother. What she discovers is pure evil. The author provides a female role model who strives to overcome her flaws and inspire kids everywhere.

“Missing” blends the magic of a fairytale with the contemporary realities of the world today’s youth inhabit. You will discover a new world order through the journey of a young girl who exhibits both compassion and jaw-dropping courage in her quest to fulfill an ancient prophecy. Find yourself caught in the ultimate struggle between good and evil. “Missing” is the second book in the “Lessons from Fiori” series.

Book One

In Book One, “Elle Burton and the Reflective Portals”, Elle Burton is thrust into another dimension while her own world becomes vastly different from the world she thought she grew up in.

The Earth is teeming with winged creatures who breathe the first breath of life into a newborn human child to ensure them a kind heart. These fairy-like creatures stay with children on Earth to help protect them until their eighth birthday. On that day, the Fiorins disappear as quickly as the child’s memory of them does. Go to the Amazon page to order book 1: ViewBook.at/ElleBurton

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5-Star Review on Amazon 6/15/18:

Elle pairs with the winged soldiers from Fiori to save JJ and finds out there are others in turmoil as well. Elle was chosen to defend the children of Earth and she will urgently work to get her brother back. Missing: Lessons from Fiori is really exciting and full of adventure as well as surprises. Author, Peggy McAloon has a wonderful imagination which she uses throughout her mysterious, fantasy story. There is a message of perseverance, faith and standing strong through adversity. The audio voice actor is great and kept me enthralled throughout. Would make a great children’s movie.

Recommended to All Readers

Missing portrays every conceivable emotion in a gut-wrenching scenario that brings people together in strength while uniting unlikely allies. The concept of ‘human guides’ working with miniature guardian angels to keep our children safe is literary gold. Peggy M. McAloon and Anneka Rogers both show imagination which knows no bounds, in order to bring a story of ‘fairytale, meets reality’ to the reader. I thoroughly enjoyed the second book from the Lessons From Fiori series and plan to seek out the other titles in the series for my own library at home. I recommend this book to all readers 12 years and older who enjoy mystery, drama, and intrigue served up with a huge dollop of fantasy, magic and love.” Reviewed By Rosie Malezer for Readers’ Favorite

Missing Quotes Nothing is Possible

4 of 4 Stars on OnlineBookClub.org

It reminds me of Peter Pan!

Review & Interview on Prairie Dust Trail

This is exactly what I was hoping for with this series. Mom (Dawnita Fogleman) sat down with her kids to read (listen to) both books. We must begin the conversations with our children about abuse and bullying before it’s too late. I wrote this series to bring to life an incredible young heroine children could relate to through a story of courage and faith.’

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Review from Erica Mae

Review on Third Culture Wife Blog  –  “Her story is sweet, thrilling, full of suspense, laughter, a bit of edge of the seat moments and all the good stuff. I recommend it for the whole family. The lessons are priceless.”

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Howdy, Bookish readers! Today, we’ve got an author from a special state. Why is it so special? Because she lives in the same wonderful state that I do! Wisconsin. 😀 But you don’t want to listen to me talk about Wisconsin. I’m sure you’d prefer to let Peggy talk about her book. So I’ll stop jabbering to you.

Have you ever had to sacrifice something to bring back something or someone you love? Peggy McAloon is here today to talk about the second book in her Lessons from Fiori series, Missing. Elle’s brother has been kidnapped. Will she be able to save him?

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Quotes from the novel “Missing:”
Missing Quotes Resilient creatures

Missing Quotes Success in life

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Missing Quotes Children are the world's hope

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