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I love to use the pictures I’ve taken across the United States and Europe and match them with inspirational quotes for daily inspiration. Each day I focus on a new keyword such as Hope, Motivate, Forgiveness, and Success. I search out the perfect quote to match a picture I want to share with others. How do you inspire yourself each day? Does your inspiration come from your exercise routine or from time spent with friends and family? Each of us is capable of searching out inspiration and using it to our advantage. Men have achieved greatness for centuries by being inspired by the work of others.

This is the Lesson I Learned from Grandpa Burton.

Respect I speak to everyone

I had an argument with someone about a year ago. For the umpteenth time, she described a new friend based on nothing other than the statement whispered in reverence, “They have money!” I couldn’t stay silent another minute.

I’m sorry folks, but my attitude toward others has never been based on income. Quite the contrary. I’ve found far too many wealthy people who had little respect for the hard-working Americans who put them in their current position of power through hard work, tenacity, and honesty.

Judge people not by the amount of money in their bank account if you’re looking for a friend who will come at two in the morning to help you get through a tragedy or hold you up when the world falls on your head. Einstein’s “Inspirational Quote” is a lesson we should all remember.

Respect is Shared

Respect Demean others

All you have to do is turn on the television and you’ll see people determined to denounce others. We are not a nation of people who show no respect to others. It doesn’t matter what your sex, political affiliation, or color is. What matters is the message you are sending the children who will one day determine whether you should be allowed to stay at home or be put somewhere that causes them no problems. It’s a dangerous message we send to our youth.

It’s time we realize our message needs to change.

We Demand a Nation of Shared Respect

Will you ever be safe from 'Locker Room' Mentality?
Will you ever be safe from ‘Locker Room’ Mentality?


The week is filled with video clips on television showing individuals yelling and demeaning others at a level that is becoming the new America. This is not the America I love. Our country is becoming a nation filled with hatred.

Hatred is not the message I want to share with the world and I’m horrified my children and grandchildren are seeing men and women at their worst. We have problems, sure, but we need to fix them with integrity and respect for each other.

Until we can get to a level of mutual respect, we will never see how great this nation can be.

Girls Can Be Tough Too!

Courage guts little girls made of

I was born a female. That doesn’t mean I was born to be abused or bullied by anyone. I’m confused by the attitude that I am a substandard citizen because of my gender. Wasn’t it my husband who gagged and threw up the first time he tried to change a diaper? We are different for a reason and if you haven’t figured that out, you’ll need to go somewhere else for your answers.

My point is simple: The man who laughingly told me I could have had a much higher salary if I’d only negotiated properly showed the typical male attitude that permeates too many regions of our lives.

I expected fair pay for the job I did. I brought millions of dollars into his firm and my exit interview consisted of a rousing attack on my sex? Unfortunately for him, my exit interview with him came before the one with the President of the firm. Yes, I had talent and guts. I was honest to a fault in that final interview. Not long after, the man I had reported to for several decades was no longer employed at the firm I loved and gave everything I had to.

Yes, girls can be courageous when threatened by anyone.

Find Your Inner Lion

find your inner lion



How many times in life have you faced a challenge that seems impossible to overcome? Have you been able to overcome the fear of denying those who give you no hope to find a conclusion that is acceptable in the way you wish to live your life?

I’ve faced abuse, bullying, and disability and it’s easy to overlook that power within you that attempts to make a difference in our lives. The challenges can seem so formidable that the easy path is to give up and suffer the consequences of lacking enough courage to change the course of events. I’m proof that the fight is worth it.

To those who offer you no hope, say “No!” A life without hope is unacceptable no matter what your background. You have the power to make it better. You may not be able to change some things. That’s okay.

What you have to concentrate on is changing those things that are possible. That is the seed that will grow into the life you have a right to dream of.

Don’t Allow Depression to Rule Your Life

It’s like falling off a cliff into the abyss when you suffer from depression.

Nothing is as frightening as fighting the monster we call depression. It can be deadly if left untreated. It affects children, adults, and seniors equally. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Call 1-800-273-8255
Available 24 hours every day

Add Some Color to Your View

Add Color
 All the color goes out of life when you’re depressed. Force yourself to get up and do something. This world is filled with stunning views from shore to shore. Take a short road trip and visit the sights that thrilled you as a child.

Find the Courage to Pursue Your Dreams

Depression is not your destiny nor is it mine.
Depression is not your destiny nor is it mine.

I’ve beat this monster more than once. Nothing, absolutely nothing is worth losing your life. Things will eventually change, and you will discover the blessings in even the darkest moments of your life. Nothing is forever.

National Pink Day

What can you do that includes the color pink today?
National Pink Day is coming up on June 23rd. Are you ready to delight your daughter with everything pink?
Let the Color Pink Inspire You!
Let the Color Pink Inspire You! June 23rd is National Pink Day. How can you inspire your daughter to reach her goals by turning life pink that day?

Avoid Conflict

Change Your Attitude to Avoid Conflicts
Change Your Attitude to Avoid Conflicts with others. I love his quotes, but I will share a word of warning on this one. When you’re in an abusive situation, your refusal to engage can also be an incentive for increased abuse. In most normal situations the advice given above is appropriate. In situations of abuse, your silence may aggravate the situation to the same degree your response might. Seek help and safety if you are in an abusive relationship. You deserve so much better.
You attitude depends on how you see things today.
Your attitude depends on how you see things today.

All of us need to work on our lack of positive words when under stress. Negative thoughts increase our stress levels and trigger negative behaviors in our children.

Have You Been Inspired Today?

Courage resilient

Courage isn’t naturally born into any of us. We find the courage to hope for the best outcomes through our life experiences. As horrific as some of my experiences have been, I look back and realize these things gave me the best training possible to face obstacles later in life. The tragedy can be turned into an opportunity, as long as we believe in ourselves and grow from each new experience whether good or bad. Quotes like this one from Steve Maraboli give us the words to match our emotions.

What Will It Take to Motivate You and Find Hope In Life?

Motivation 3

For whatever reason, I chose to believe the doctors who told me I would never be whole again after a car accident which resulted in my neck and back, plus I sustained a traumatic brain injury. After three years of living on the edge of life, I finally made a choice that I could beat the odds and regain my life. At that moment, I chose life. You can do it too by beginning to have a little more faith in yourself than you did yesterday. When I run across quotes from Wayne Dyer, I allow them to motivate me to reach new heights! How about you?





A Glimmer of Hope Exists in the Darkest of Hearts

To See Hope in Any Situation

When I was young, Mom always referred to me as Pollyanna. I could always manage a smile through the tears while I looked for something to celebrate in even the worst situations. Have you been inspired to see the light in the darkest of life’s moments? What was your motivation?









Courage Can Outlast Failure

Your warrior courage exists just below the surface.Your warrior courage exists just below the surface.

If You’ve Been Inspired By These Quotes, Please Share Them.

It is through our darkest moments that we develop the skills to be successful.
It is through our darkest moments that we develop the skills to be successful.

Difficult Times Build Character

Your strength and determination will empower you.
Your strength and determination will empower you. This Peter Marshall quote reminds me of how tiny the oak seed is when they fall from the tree outside my back window. Then I look at the mother tree in her Majesty as she has stood on the hill for so many decades and realize my future too was once a tiny seed that still continues to grow strong.

Your Memories Can Bring Hope to the Darkest Day

Life can end in a heartbeat, but the memories will always surround us with love and joy.
Life can end in a heartbeat, but the memories will always surround us with love and joy. The beauty of nature always seems to draw me back to the memories of loved ones no longer with me in their original body, but who walk beside me in their spirit in both the good and the bad times.

Success Is A Science

Success a science
You always have the ability to change the conditions. Be creative and courageous.

Be Inspired

Success be inspired
The key to success connects to your ability to become inspired.

Author Quotes Children Inspire

Don’t overlook the kids in your life when it comes to inspiration!

You Can Accomplish Anything When You Believe In Yourself!You are not here accidently pic 2

There are no accidents. Each soul enters this world with a purpose. Don’t ignore your inner voice as you go through life. Find that spark of wonder and allow it to blossom and grow, no matter how barren the landscape may be.

Children First: They Are Our Hope for the Future

Children throughout the world

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