Elle Burton and the Reflective Portals

Journey To A New Reality You Won’t Want To Leave

Elle Burton Stands up to Bullies, Recognizes Threats, Discovers An Invisible Ally…

A Magical Journey to Another Dimension


McAloon-Elle Cover Final
Elle Burton and the Reflective Portals Book 1  “Lessons from Fiori” Series – Reader’s Favorite 2018 International Book Awards Finalist
The Elle Burton fantasy is a book that should be in every school library in the nation.
This beautifully spun story (Elle Burton and the Reflective Portals) about a young girl, who encounters winged creatures from the dimension of Fiori, brings to life the struggles children everywhere encounter in this world. From standing up to the class bully to taking a stand for a young girl who has been beaten by her father, Elle Burton becomes today’s role model for children everywhere. I’ve seen others refer to the creatures as fairies, but they reminded me more of guardian angels. The author lets you make your own choice.                   ~Sheila Finkelstein, Artist, Photographer, Writer, and Relationship Coach.

Reader’s Favorite Award Finalist – 2018

Bullies & Con Men – Who Do You Challenge First?

Peggy McAloon combines fantasy and reality to bring you a story about hope in Elle Burton and the Reflective Portals. Everyone needs to understand there will always be someone to help them when they’re frightened or at risk. Bullies exist in the teen world and also stalk the adult world. Can you stand up to someone who can only feel good about himself/herself while making your life miserable?

Did you ever wonder where the stories about Guardian Angels came from? Discover the magic of believing in invisible winged creatures who watch over and protect our children with the help of a few selected adults, and now a girl from Wisconsin. In a real-world setting, Elle Burton proves there will always be someone there to help. It’s simply a matter of believing in yourself and finding an ally.

Elle is a child so like you. Her challenges affect all of us in this world,

  • The need to live life without fear.
  • The dream of belonging and fitting in.
  • The desire to never suffer hurt again.
  • The necessity of having a Vision of Hope to hold onto; whether that vision is of guardian angels, fairies, or creatures from another dimension who understand how deeply we can suffer hurt.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Learn how Elle handled the class bully. Honor my dear friend… whose daughter suffered a permanent brain injury as a result of a bullying incident. Stand up and learn to diffuse those tough encounters.

                                                             Here are a few of Elle’s Tips to begin the conversation.

Elle Burton and the Reflective Portals

By Peggy M. McAloon (with Anneka Rogers)


Elle Burton thought she was an ordinary kid, growing up in Wisconsin with her friends. Little did she realize…

Her magical journey begins on her tenth birthday. Her father is fighting in Afghanistan while her mother is ready to give birth to a new baby. Elle struggles to help her mom through it all, but things are going to change forever.

Her sudden encounter with a tiny, winged creature from another dimension complicates an already overwhelming day.

Some things are more magical than we can even imagine.

Elle’s journey leads her from this world into the Dimension of Fiori. She travels through a reflective portal to discover creatures called Fiorins, who have influenced human life for centuries.  Other than some children under the age of eight, the only humans who can see Fiorins are guides—people who are chosen by the Fiorins to help them protect the children of Earth.

Working as a guide could give Elle super-power abilities. Elle loves helping others. Now she’ll have magical assistance to accomplish her goals.

Not everyone wants her to succeed. There are evil forces doing everything in their power to prevent the guides from offering support to those in need.

Join Elle as she enlists the Fiorin warrior Amadeus and others to help her fight the demons she never realized were right under her nose all the time. The children at risk Elle encounters are dependent on her decisions and quick responses.  Learn about the ancient prophecy while discovering magical foot-lockers, spider elevators, and the beloved Pegasus.

Join Elle’s crusade to protect the world’s children.  Her path to adulthood begins as she completes the three challenges, predicted centuries ago.  She is a modern-day role model who embodies everything that is good in this world. Will she be strong enough to combat the problems children face in the 21st Century?


Inspiring Life Lessons To Warm Every Heart

As a teen victim, I didn’t discuss the real problems in my life with anyone. I wish mother had a book like this to share with me and begin the conversations. The tragedies and challenges facing families today are explored within this magical fantasy story:

  • Loss of a parent in the Middle East
  • The importance of friendship and family
  • Recognizing Abuse
  • Choosing a trusted adult
  • Learning to believe in those things we may not be able to see
  • Compassion and involvement
  • Competition and “Fitting in”
  • Cyber Crimes – the real and dangerous consequences
  • Respect – Hope – Love

From a Mother’s Perspective:

I got this book a few years ago, and I anxiously awaited my youngest to grow old enough to read it with me. It was well worth the wait! My daughter, now 11, loved it, as did I. She was a particular fan of Fiori, but she loved the entire story, across the board. It took us considerable time to read through, however, as it prompted much discussion about some of the issues she sees/faces at school and with her friends (like her best friend’s recent loss of her dad, for instance). That’s the best reason for a book to take a long time to get through, of course, so I’m certainly not complaining! We both truly appreciated the beauty, heartfelt compassion, and lessons contained in this lovely tale – a wonderful read all around!  ~ Stephanie

Make a Difference Today

You have an opportunity to prepare for those inevitable frightening and gut-wrenching moments in life through a story. This book helps you lay the foundation for planned actions and meaningful discussions.

Anneka Rogers was the eleven-year-old girl who faithfully read each chapter as I wrote the book. As a victim of bullying herself, I was amazed at the compassion she felt for Elle’s nemesis, Jimmy Backus. She challenged me to find a way to “save the bully.” Isn’t that something we’d all like to challenge ourselves to do?

Click on the Amazon Buy button right now and begin an adventure you will ever forget.

BONUS:  Click Below for the FREE Elle Burton Discussion Sheet:

I am forever indebted to Catherine Gruener for her inciteful questions to help you begin your journey to understanding the social influences that affect us all in the 21st Century. Share the book with your friends and begin talking about your challenges.

“As a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Board Certified Telemental Health Provider, with degrees in Neuropsychology and Clinical Counseling, specializing in Anxiety, twice-exceptional (2E) and Gifted, and over 24 years of experience nationally and internationally, I help adults, parents, children, and families understand and manage whatever comes their way, so you not only survive but truly thrive.”  ~ CATHERINE GRUENER M.A., M.A., LCPC, NCC, BC-TMH, PDTC, Director Gruener Consulting



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Elle Burton and the Reflective Portals – Review International Review of Books

  • Character Development: 5 out of 5
Plot Development: 5 out of 5
Flow of Plot: 5 out of 5
Overall rating: 5 out of 5
A line in the book that stood out to the reviewer
Some things are more magical than we can even imagine.
Elle Burton and the Reflective Portals is about a 10-year-old girl name Elle whose life drastically changes. Elle has several life-altering events within hours of each other on her 10th birthday. She meets a Fiorin named Eunie May and learns she is a guide, a person destined to help Fiorins and to help children throughout her life.

Challenges Elle Faces

Elle shows kindness and compassion to all, even those who don’t seem like they deserve it. With the help of magical beings, Elle learns that people react to things in different ways, and just because someone is being cruel, it doesn’t mean they are evil or truly unkind. Sometimes it just means that they need a friend, and the Fiorins show her how to be that friend. The world is filled with both good and evil.
The magic in this book outlines what we all wish for. Elle Burton is the heroine we all wish we could be. It is written with children in mind, so the style is simple, yet spellbinding. It is definitely something school-age children and their parents will love…especially when they read it together.

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Elle Burton and the Reflective Portals 

Complete Review By Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite-5Stars

Elle Burton and the Reflective Portals: Lessons from Fiori Book 1 by Peggy M McAloon and Anneka Rogers is an enchanting and fantastical story of Elle, a ten-year-old girl who has this rare gift to see fairy-like Fiorins. Elle’s father is in Afghanistan, and she lives with her mother, who is expecting a baby.

Elle learns that she has been chosen as a guide by Fiorins, who are tiny winged creatures that help to protect young children on Earth when her younger brother is born. As the story progresses, readers see Elle taking on new challenges and getting involved in protecting a child from an abusive father, helping an overweight girl, and many other instances where she feels others need her help..

Kindness – Enchantment – Magic

Elle Burton and the Reflective Portals is a story of kindness, enchantment, and magic, and the author weaves the fantasy elements along with life lessons through this whimsical story. The author touches on topics that are relevant when it comes to the struggles faced by children, and readers get to see the protagonist, Elle, dealing with all sorts of issues.

The exquisite use of language tones down the harshness of death, bullying, etc. and the whimsy in the tale will help young readers enjoy the story as they turn the pages. All the characters are lovable, and the monsters and magical creatures add to the fantasy element. Elle Burton’s character will inspire children to follow their passions in life.

Wanting More

I like the way the author tackles different issues, thereby giving many layers to the plot. The messages conveyed in the story are profound and uplifting, and they will encourage and motivate children to rise above their potential during difficult times so that they can make a difference to this world. Yes, like everyone else, I am waiting for the next book to learn more about Elle’s journey.

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