Motivate Yourself & You’ll Find Hope

It’s Tough to Motivate Yourself When You’ve Lost Hope

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Don’t be miserable. Learn How to Motivate Yourself!

“What can I do for fun?” Do you remember asking that question during summer vacation as a kid? What did it take to motivate you?

I asked the question above frequently.

No other girls lived in my neighborhood. My brother and his friends surely didn’t want to include me in their games. It was tough to motivate myself on a summer morning when I couldn’t imagine what I could do with all the hours in the day ahead.

Do You Have Difficulty Motivating Yourself?

That’s a problem!

You see, if you can’t motivate yourself, you’re going to have trouble inspiring your child. You will teach them to procrastinate instead.

It’s vital that you learn techniques to motivate yourself to accomplish your goals in life.

You don’t want to clean the house? Not a problem. Create a new objective to clean only one room each day.

You’ll be delighted at how quickly you can tackle one room a day. (Grandma Burton taught me this tip)

Discover Personal Tools to Help Motivate You to Reach Your Goals:

  1. Google motivational quotes about your goal.
  2. Write down your goals and prioritize them. Start with the easiest to get ou up and moving.
  3. Make a list of all the benefits you will gain when you reach each goal.
  4. Share your goal with a friend or family member. Including someone else will engage them in helping you accomplish your task and provide added motivation to perform. Affirmation is the kindest form of motivation.
  5. Ask for help. Nothing is more affirming than having someone else included in the journey.
  6. Promise yourself a reward. Do you need a new pair o shoes or do you want a new toy? Pick something you want desperately and buy it immediately on completion of your goal.
  7. Forget about work and treat yourself to something delicious for a few minutes. Come back to your goals refreshed.
  8. Exercise! Nothing provides new viewpoints like taking the time to get moving. It will put you in the right mindset to solve your problem.
  9. Take a long walk in the countryside. Listen to the birds. Inhale the scents of your earth.
  10. Sit by a stream, lake, or waterfall. Let your mind go wherever it wants to.
  11. Grab your camera and head to one of your favorite places. Look at the pictures when you return home and find new inspiration in the sights that caught your attention.
  12. Find a quiet place, close your eyes, and visualize yourself reaching your goals.
  13. Experience something new today. Something you’ve never taken the time to try before.
  14. Start a “To Do” list and experience how motivating it is each time you cross something off.
  15. Take a quick swim or a cold shower to invigorate yourself.
  16. Pick early morning to complete the toughest tasks of the day.
  17. Make preparations well in advance. When you wait until the last minute, too many things can go wrong.
  18. Turn on the music. It always makes you feel more energized.
  19. Pay attention to your diet. Poor nutrition will steal your energy.
  20. Pretend you’re motivated. One of the best ways to motivate yourself is to visualize it.
  21. Always focus on the wins, not the losses.
  22. Encourage and motivate others. It will revolve back to you.
  23. Accept failure and move on. Every successful person has a huge list of failures they don’t share openly.
  24. Be realistic in your expectations. Set smaller goals leading to the big one. Don’t start working immediately on your ultimate goal because it will set you up for failure.
  25. Set a timer so you know when to start each new task
  26. Put a sticky note where you can see it that reads: Nothing worthwhile is ever easy.
  27. Make a gratitude list and go back to it anytime you feel stressed. Add to it frequently.
  28. Dress like a winner. Even if you work out of your home, put on makeup and the clothes you’d wear in the office.
  29. Volunteer at a nonprofit. Nothing makes life look rosy like helping those less fortunate than yourself.
  30. Find a source of motivational quotes like those on my website, and read them daily.
To See Hope in Any Situation
Utilize any tool necessary to Motivate yourself when life becomes challenging.

I personally am motivated by the pictures I take on our travels. All I have to do is go through those old memories and I’m suddenly revitalized.

Share Your Tips!

I’d love to hear what techniques you’ve used successfully to motivate yourself. Use the comment section below to share your inspiration.

Author: Peggy McAloon
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