Land of Wonders by 8-year-old Sophia Li

Land of Wonders Is Recommended for Children Ages 7-10 As an author, I couldn’t be more proud of Sophia Li, as we welcome her on the author’s journey. She has done a remarkable job in “Land of Wonders” of creating a world of magic and adventure as her heroine, Sophia, joins with her friends Cadra […]

The Fate of Jamison Hill

Jamison Hill Lived Life to the Fullest By the age of twenty-two, Jamison Hill had spent more than 12,000 hours in the gym. He was a body-builder and model when he wasn’t attending college classes at Sonoma State. Jamison could never have imagined what would happen next as his car moved up the incline of […]

Hope for 2021 – They Are Watching!

A Child’s Vision Can Bring Us Hope. I was raised by a man who was a flaming racist, an undeniable womanizer, a child abuser, a staunch Republican, a business owner and community leader, a financial wizard who repeatedly committed financial crimes, and a religious pretender. No, his name was not Donald Trump. Still, for the […]