Making America Great Requires Constant Commitment

Making America Great in the 40’s & 50’s I remember traveling the Interstate Highway System as a kid with my brother and parents. Mom squealed in delight as she traveled the new four-lane roadways. If you’d asked her back then, she’d have pointed to the highway infrastructure built following her childhood in Missouri as the […]

Carol Warden – Guest Post from the Founder of Hope For The World

Carol Warden Author & Founder of Hope For The World   MIRACLE’S are evidence of a greater reality! “Over the Sea and Over the Sun” True Story, describes Carol Warden’s personal experience of a divine Supernatural miracle encounter from Heaven that changed her destiny, including never-before-seen photographs and prophecy personal to the author. It is […]

New Release: The Devil Reversed

Alex McGilvery’s The Devil Reversed is now Available! Release Day: May 7, 2017 Alex McGilvery is one of my favorite all-around friends. He’s a mentor, author, and friend. Also, he’s a minister when life looks like it’s about to disintegrate. That’s why I’m so excited to feature The Devil Reversed on the actual release day! Alex McGilvery has been […]

Saturday’s Pick is Author Christy Jackson Nicholas

Welcome, Author Christy Jackson Nicholas! Today’s Saturday’s Pick is Author Christy Jackson Nicholas. Christy, also known as Green Dragon, is a creative spirit who loves to engage in digital art, beaded jewelry, writing, and photography. In the real world, she’s a CPA but her passion for the arts was born of a mother, grandmother, and […]