Historical Fiction: The Alice Network

Two Women Connected Through Two World Wars I listened to The Alice Network as an audiobook. I must say the narrator, Saskia Maarleveld, was extraordinary. This historical fiction novel brought me back to our living room in 1955. That was where I listened to my great-uncle share stories of WWI with my father, who fought […]

Developing a Child’s Feelings Vocabulary

Cosmo is Adopted: Developing Your Child’s Feelings Vocabulary Our kids are watching us, and they’re scared. I want to help you help them. Because of that, I am sharing the first pages of the Cosmo book here, so you can use it to help your child get through the Coronavirus scare. Help develop your child’s […]

The Courageous Women of WWII

Pearl Harbor was a Grand Adventure Before December 7, 1941 As I sit in quarantine, I’m thankful for my Kindle and all the great books I’ve downloaded to read and listen to during this frightening time. I chose The Girls of Pearl Harbor for two reasons. First, my uncle was stationed there during WWII. And second, […]