Change Your Routine Up Weekly-Enjoy Life More

Dump Unproductive Routines and Create Successful Ones

Dump some of those old routines and replace them with success oriented tasks.
It’s helpful to change your daily routines, to find the success you’re looking for.

You may have heard or read about the benefits of setting a routine. We never knew how difficult that could be until after we faced the Covid crisis. Some say setting routines is the best means of accomplishing your goals and bringing about the change you long for. That has some truth to it. It’s like creating habits where repetition is the way to develop them. Sometimes, however, this can cause you to get into a rut. You still need to maintain your routine. But, it would help if you also had something to break it up.

If you want to live an above-average life, you can’t continue coasting along whatever highway life puts you on each day. High achievers create their own path and make things happen. They don’t simply react to whatever happens each day.

Successful People Create New Habits

Whether you’re the executive of a multi-million dollar business or a “wanna-be” artist, there are plenty of things to choose from to enhance your chances for greater success every day:

  • If the task you’re struggling over won’t benefit you tomorrow, next week, or next year — Forget about it.
  • Make a list of the simple and routine tasks you need to complete tomorrow and clear your head for a creative shift.
  • Develop a new exercise routine for first thing each morning. It can be as simple as a walk around the block to refresh your mind for another productive day.
  • I’m a firm believer that I don’t have to do everything well all by myself. I need to surround myself with people who have exceptional talents beyond what I possess.
  • Schedule four times a day to check phone and text messages. For the rest of the day, ignore them.
  • Commit to reading one research article each day in your area of interest. We link success to lifelong learning opportunities.
  • Consider important communications a draft when you finish typing them. Lay them down for a few hours before doing the last check. The number of errors may surprise you.
  • Get up an hour earlier each day and devote the extra time to exercise or meditation.
  • Stop delaying the hardest tasks until the end of the day. Do them first.
  • Always identify your main two or three tasks to perform each day before you begin any other activities.
  • Explore the health and mind benefits of doing two or three short workouts or walks each day instead of one long marathon.
  • Keep a Gratitude Journal and add to it every day.
  • Be sure always to thank the people who back up your efforts.
  • Make sure you get a good night’s sleep. Consider investing in a sleep monitor.
  • Eat together as a family each evening and ban all electronics from the dining area.

Add Routines With Some Scheduled Frequency

After you commit to trying something different, set a new routine. You could do this every day or commit to only once per week. You could also do it once a month, but you often get more benefits from a higher frequency. Create a weekly schedule in excel:

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The idea is to have something interesting to look forward to. That will help you when tackling your routines. You can think about that new event or activity while you are getting through your daily grind.

Choose to do any extra activities on your own, with other people or a combination of the two. It’s entirely up to you. Sometimes, it’s a good idea to include other people and meet new people as part of your extra activities. When you meet new people, they will share ideas that can inspire your creativity. That is good.

What New Habits Will You Add?

You could join a sports team if you’re more coordinated than I am. It’s a good beginning but may also become routine after a while. Still, it has the potential of getting you to meet new friends, and that is also a positive change.

If you want to go extreme, try skydiving. Admittedly, this is not for everyone. But, it can be something that you have wanted to try but have been too afraid to do. If it’s too much, try something like zip-lining first, and take it from there.

The activity doesn’t have to be full of adventure to break up your routine. For instance, perhaps you have always wanted to learn to play a musical instrument and eventually join a band. That’s another significant activity to add to your list. My author group would recommend you join a reading group. This activity is a mix of getting together with other like-minded people while still maintaining some alone time.

To get more ideas, join local groups that will update you whenever new events happen. The more groups you join, the more options you will have available to you. Be warned, however. You may start having more fun in your daily escapades Don’t let the joy in life slip away by allowing everything to become routine. Schedule something new each week and restore the vitality we all experienced before Covid hit.

Take your time. Pick the new routines that bring excitement into your life.
Slowly setting up new routines is your first step toward success.
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