Change Your Routine Up Weekly-Enjoy Life More

Dump Unproductive Routines and Create Successful Ones You may have heard or read about the benefits of setting a routine. We never knew how difficult that could be until after we faced the Covid crisis. Some say setting routines is the best means of accomplishing your goals and bringing about the change you long for. […]

7 Immediate Benefits to Change

Let Me Help Inspire Your Change Last time, I asked you to make a goal to try something new. I hadn’t thought of the importance of change until the doctors told me I would never work full time again after the brain injury. I had two little boys. How in the world could I give […]

The Christmas Prayer – New Life

Chapter 9 – New Life as Husband & Wife Life in Menomonie was anything but easy in 1884. The logging industry of Maine had moved toward the Midwest by the 1880s. Between 1855 and 1884 the industry had increased by over 1,000 percent between the Chippewa Valley forests and the woods of Dunn County. Millions of […]