5 Tips: Start a New Phase in Life the Right Way

Each New Phase of Life Carries Risks and Rewards

How will you approach this new phase of your life?
With each new phase of life, you can make positive changes.

When Covid hit, it ushered in a new phase in life none of us expected. Businesses shut down, workers didn’t know how they’d be able to afford groceries, and kids suddenly found themselves in the house in front of a computer screen.

As you face each new phase in life, the changes can cause you to be a tad nervous. Will it work out? Was this the right decision? Change can be both exciting and messy. The worst part for many of us during Covid was the loss of connection with family and friends.

Whether your new phase of life includes a new job or a new relationship, here some tips for making the most of your fresh start:

Don’t Fear Failure

Fear of failure is America’s number one fear. Many people are so scared they’ll mess up; they try nothing new. Unless you take a few risks, you won’t get anywhere. I developed this series of ten articles to help you reach your true potential. Reframe those inevitable failures as a lesson in what not to do next time. If you make a mistake or something doesn’t work out, you’re a step closer to success. Learn and move on.

Here are some tips for dealing with the failures on your journey:

  • It’s okay to feel bad when something doesn’t work out.
  • Failure helps teach us what doesn’t work. Embrace it.
  • Go back and reread the article on developing new positive habits.
  • Review your list of bad habits to ensure they don’t creep back into your life.
  • Dig deep when reviewing what this failure taught you.
  • Accept the failures as nothing more than another stepping stone to success.
  • Review the failures in life that resulted in success down the road.
  • Stick to your new routines for positive outcomes.
  • Learn to control your frustration as you transition to positivity.
  • Take responsibility for both the failures and successes in your life.
  • Set timelines for your goals. Leave nothing to chance.
  • Get organized and remove the distractions.

Share Ideas with Others

Each new connection can positively or negatively impact each new phase of your life.
The connections you make alter each new phase of life.

Most opportunities come from outside your usual network. Open your mind to alternative possibilities by talking to people you don’t know well. From a casual conversation in the coffee queue to chatting to the person in the next seat at a conference dinner, you never know who you’re about to connect with or where that connection might lead.

Be approachable, be polite, and make new friends.

Review Your Values

How do you define your set of personal values? Take the time today to set forth your values by writing a personal mission statement. What are your core beliefs? What is your purpose in life? How do you picture this next phase in life playing out? It’s time to evaluate everything in your foundation to find the success you desire.

Begin the process by answering some simple questions:
  1. Who do you admire in life and why?
  2. How do you define freedom?
  3. Who are you willing to suffer for?
  4. When is kindness necessary?
  5. How do you define teamwork?
  6. What matters most in family connections?
  7. Is security important to you?
  8. How do you define courage?
  9. What does a good balance in life look like?
  10. Is patience important at home and on the job?
  11. How does loyalty affect your daily life?
  12. What defines intelligence?
  13. How does your level of knowledge affect your job?
  14. Do you have difficulty showing respect to others?
  15. How has diversity affected your life?
  16. Do you deal with change easily?
  17. How do you express gratitude?
  18. What is the level of cooperation at home and work?
  19. Define integrity.
  20. Is spiritualism important to you?
  21. Have you or anyone else questioned your level of integrity?
  22. How do you describe endurance?
  23. Do you feel effective at home and work?
  24. Describe those instances of injustice you’ve witnessed in the past year.
  25. What are you willing to exchange for quality?
  26. What are the different levels of friendship?
  27. Who has achieved a level of fame you’d like to emulate?
  28. Is forgiveness a requirement for a successful life?
  29. Describe harmony in the workplace.
  30. Can you trust your gut?

These are just some questions you need to answer. Develop your own based on your circumstances. Get creative and get going.

Once you know what you stand for, you can align your actions and focus on your path to success. Think of it as your own personal roadmap.

Be Aware of Personal Biases

Successful people don’t let their personal opinions impede the achievement of their goals. Your opinions are not the same as your values. Values are the bedrock of what’s important in your life. You can have an opinion about sports or politics or how you prefer your steak, but don’t confuse views with what’s best for you. If a nontraditional opportunity comes up, think it through and work out whether it’s in your best interest.

Celebrate Your Successes

With each new phase of life, it’s essential to celebrate the milestones as you check them off on the way to achieving your goals. Celebrating small successes keeps your motivation and your energy high. It also makes those big life goals seem less daunting. High-five yourself for everything you check off your to-do list, and you’ll soon celebrate the big wins.

 Success in life requires you to conquer each step of the process.
Conquer the 5 Tips to Help You Enhance This New Phase in Life.

“The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change his future by merely changing his attitude.” ~ Oprah Winfrey

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