Shift Your Mindset – It’s Time

Perhaps now is the time to shift your mindset.

During the Covid Pandemic, we are all experiencing low energy. Our ability to show a friendly spirit nearly evaporated as we struggled to make it through each day. We’ve come to a point where we might need to alter our mindset to see if that helps. When you’re down in spirit, it’s often due to negative thoughts. Heaven only knows how negative everything has been in the press lately.

To reach your full potential you need the right mindset.
Last time we discussed Positive Attitudes. You can’t get there without the right mindset.

It’s time to stop dwelling on everything that’s going wrong. Stop reflecting on the fact that you aren’t where you thought you’d be at this point in your life. It’s time to bail and let others go down with the sinking ship if they’re not willing to embrace change and seek a positive and prosperous future.

New & Re-examined Ways to Change Your Mindset

When you have negative thoughts, you are setting the stage to beat yourself down. Even worse, this mindset can continue to grow.

Negativity feeds on itself. When you put yourself down, you will eventually put others down. You will look for others who share your negativity because misery loves company. That seems to be the trend over the past fifteen months. As the negative energy thrives, you fall deeper into the mental abyss and cannot separate truth from fiction.

To turn this around, you first have to realize that it’s happening. No one likes to admit to doing something wrong, but negative thinking is wrong if you engage in it. Try to reflect on your life. Think back to when you were happy. Was it a couple of months ago or a couple of years? That will give you a good signal of when you began thinking negatively. When you were happy, it’s unlikely you had many negative thoughts.

Trigger the Right Change to Improve Your Mindset

Change may be inevitable, but it’s up to us to trigger the right changes. That starts with a positive mindset. Let’s review some steps to keep you on your journey:

  • Schedule Meditation Time on Your Calendar.
  • Concentrate on Positivity and Journal 3 Positive Changes Each Day.
  • Focus on Your Long-term Goals.
  • Prioritize Your Personal Development. Change Things Up.
  • Trust and Learn from Others
  • Accept Change – It will happen with or without you.
  • Help Others Find Success

If you don’t believe you are negative, but you feel down about your current situation, consider asking friends and family about your behavior recently. Ask for an honest assessment. Don’t lash out at the answers you don’t like. This will help you see exactly where you are in your new goals. Remember, they are only trying to help.

Once you have identified that you may still have a negative mindset, work hard to introduce positivity into your life. Try setting up a bad thoughts money jar. Whenever you say something negative, put a dollar into the jar. You can do this at work, at home, or both. If the jar is filling up, you know you have more work to do.

Avoid Negativity and Promote Positive Lifestyles

Avoid negative people as much as possible. They will try to bring you back down. Don’t let them do it. Limiting your exposure to angry people is a significant step to take on your journey towards positivity. We can improve absolutely nothing in life through constant negativity.

“It’s most important that you surround yourself with positivity always and have it in your mind at all times.” Tyler Perry

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