The Weinstein Effect-Decades in the Making

Will the Weinstein Discussion Give Women Protection?

Can the Weinstein Scandal Finally Convince Women to Speak Out?

How many men and women in Hollywood covered for Harvey Weinstein? Is that any different from the sexual harassment and abuse young girls and women have endured for generations? Why haven’t we taken a stand against this long before now?

The Weinstein Agreement

One thing that horrifies me the most is the agreement Weinstein had with his company. How could any business believe a contract that specified the source of payments could protect them against multiple sexual assault charges? In addition, how much pressure and money was brought to bear against women who had already suffered the greatest humiliation?

I won’t go into the stupidity of a written agreement such as Weinstein’s. The majority of women who suffered at the hands of these well-known predators were condemned by the non-action of those who already knew the risks and ignored them. How many jobs did I walk away from as a result of unwanted advances by the men in power?

How many people knew or suspected that my father abused me? He had a solid reputation as a “Lady’s Man” throughout our small town. He was rich and powerful. Even if I’d had the courage to stand up against his threats, who would have believed me? How many others did he threaten to remain silent?

The threats are genuine, and these predators understand where their victim is weak.

My warning to never tell wasn’t against me. I was more than willing to die at his hands to get the abuse to stop. No, my threat was against my innocent mother.


The Weinstein Effect
I refuse to remain silent. It’s time others stand up and condemn the men like Weinstein so that this abuse will end now.

In The Workplace

There is no excuse for men to use their place of power to harass or abuse young girls or women under any circumstances.

I could…

name the minister – I had to go to the church at 5 A.M. to practice the organ for Sunday services to avoid this predator.

also name the department heads – Who believed they controlled everything, including the one employee brave enough to sue for sexual harassment.

destroy the band instructor – Who thought he had the right to touch inappropriately during music lessons.

name the grandfather – Who sexually abused his grandson on the tractor.

point out the grandfather – Who climbed in bed with his granddaughter.

name the uncle – Who sexually abused his niece.

Do you need to see more?

How many times have you heard of something like this without taking any action to protect the victim?

The Weinstein Effect
Don’t let people like Weinstein ruin your life.

Silence in the Weinstein Era

We will no longer be silent.

Men who think they can do anything they want to meet their sexual needs are no longer safe from the examination of the public.

The women of this world have the moral obligation to stand together and stop these predators. Any father who has a daughter and isn’t disgusted by this type of behavior is in the same class as Weinstein.

I am not an object.

Neither are you.

We have every bit as much value as the men who exploit us.

We will no longer tolerate sexual assault.

No More!

We Stand United.

In the future, we are ONE VOICE against sexual predators. #MeToo

Predators like Weinstein are the reason I wrote my fantasy series to empower kids to find help if someone tries to abuse or bully them. I am humbled by the women who have contacted me after reading the books to share their own experiences. We Stand Together!



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2 thoughts on “The Weinstein Effect-Decades in the Making

  1. Mili

    Whenever I hear about these things I’m surprised that they are real in this day and age. My mind cannot comprehend the abuse, and I hope that it never does. I am extremely lucky to have my parents and their love to back me, because I know I am not alone. This gives me the strength to not put up with anything.

    Fortunately, the only sexual predators I’ve ever encountered were some creeps online.

    The sad truth is that abused women, men, and children are afraid, while most of the rest are too busy with their own lives to help. It’s hard to worry about a stranger, when you are overworked and have to take care of you own family.

    I believe it is hard for these women to come forward, because there is often no proof. Also, I knew a little girl who said her dad abused her to get back at him — he did not, but it took months for the system to believe him, even when she realized that what she did was no joke and admitted she made everything up. So many victims fall through the cracks, because they are not believed precisely because of kids who do not réalisé how serious such charges are.

    I think it is especially hard for the abused (men and women) to stand up to powerful men, because it’s hard to believe that people in the public eye could get away with so much without getting caught. Then the abused have to suffer through the smear campaign: What is the truth? Are they only after the money? I know him/her, he/she would never… I can only imagine the horror of it all.

    I have not followed the scandal, so I have no idea what kind of contract you are talking about, but everyone on this planet should know that law and moral justice trumps any written contract.

    I do not even know how such issues can be solved…

    People who have it in them to hurt others intentionally are severely damaged. I’m sorry you’ve known so many predators in your life Peggy. I hope you keep fighting to create a positive change.

    • Thank you, Mili! I am so grateful for women like you who understand how difficult it is to share these truths in order to put up a barrier to abuse in the future.

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