The Virus Scare

Is it just a Virus, Coronavirus, or Bronchitis?

When fear of spreading illness is greater than your own outcome
This virus will stay within the walls of my home.

It’s been a tough week. As a 72-year-old grandmother, the concern over the spread of the coronavirus is a top priority. I am one of the high-risk patients due to a lung condition and high blood pressure. So, when I started to become ill, I weighed the pros and cons of going to the emergency room. My heart hoped for a virus on Wed, but my head warned me it could be worse.

By Thursday, my temp was spiked over 100 degrees. For me, that’s sick. I was worried because we had returned from a week in Florida a week and a half ago, and there has been a coronavirus outbreak listed there.

I do a lot of research for my articles and books, so I knew the coronavirus test was not approved for people who had not traveled outside of the U.S. That was it for me. Do I risk my life just on the outside chance I might have picked something up in Florida? Or, do I take the logical step to go to the ER for treatment?

Precautions for Not Spreading the Virus

Whatever I have, I am determined not to spread it to anyone else, including my husband.

I immediately uninvited my brother and his wife to a dinner of steak on the grill. He was so gracious and called every day to check on me until my temp went back to normal.

I had my husband purchase a couple of containers of Clorox wipes and cleaned the entire house on Wednesday when I first felt like something was coming on. Then, I even made sure any food I prepared was cooked thoroughly and had my husband serve himself out of the cooking vessel.

I tried to eat a couple of scrambled eggs on the first day. After eating only half what I prepared, I gave the remainder to the little dog. She loved it.

Day two, when my fever spiked, and I coughed like a little kid with the croup, I finally forced myself to eat a dish of cheerios. By then, my stomach was a mess, too! I heard Grandma Burton’s voice in my head, “Feed a cold and starve a fever.” OK, Grandma, I’ve got this!

Doctor On Call

I couldn’t get an answer at the doctor’s office, so I went to the website and left a detailed message containing the dates we were in Florida (Coronavirus related) when we returned, and my symptoms from Day 1 – Day 3. The return message said someone would get back to me within two days. Of course, this was a Friday. I never seem to get ill except on the weekend.

Hopefully, they’ll call on Monday and let me know if they have access to the testing because I still refuse to threaten any of his patients or staff.

It’s challenging to know what to do. I felt if I became critically ill, Mike would take me to the hospital regardless of my pleadings to do what’s best for the community around me.

I’ve often thought about the days I spent as the Coordinator of a city effort to evacuate the entire town in the event the train hauling dozens of cars of anhydrous ammonia ever crashed in our community. It’s a process I will never forget.

I’m still not 100%. I learned I could order groceries from Rouses online today. The shopper, Kristina, was extraordinary! I was able to pay and leave a tip without coming face-to-face with anyone. She was then able to drop the groceries on my front porch. What a terrific system for reducing risk to the public!

Take Care of Yourself

So that’s it, folks. I pray you are all safe and healthy. I’m improving, and Mike hasn’t gotten sick, but the incubation period isn’t up yet. Keep washing your hands!!

Here are the CDC Website Instructions on Coronavirus. Stop by if you haven’t already.

The following symptoms may appear 2-14 days after exposure.*

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath

If you have these symptoms, call your doctor to see if they agree you should come in or if they can monitor you from your home.

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