St Patrick’s Day Isolation – Looking for Hope

Staying Home This St Patrick’s Day.

May you experience new blessings this St Patrick's Day!
Let this St. Patrick’s Day be the beginning of the end of the nightmare we became ensnared in.

St Patrick’s Day is so different this year. This has been a year of isolation for most of us. For the wealthy, it’s been a year of dislocation as they fled their city homes for the sanctity of their mountain or waterside getaways.

Our spirits are bending under our isolation from our families, friends, and communities, and we want to see the end of this newest chapter of our lives.

This year we will miss the rivers flowing green and the parades and joy of greeting our friends in celebration of St Patrick’s Day.

No, today we will wear masks. Our positions will demand a six-foot distance between us.

There will be no sharing of hugs with our grandchildren.

This year everything is different.

I don’t know about you, but I miss everything. In Wisconsin, I miss the walks in the park with the dog to greet the spring flowers as they pop their buds above the soil. When was the last time I took an afternoon to sit and paint with my art friends and chatted about everything that makes life fun?

Must now be from a distance.
Smiles only on Zoom.

Change is Coming This St Patrick’s Day

May the winds of fortune sail you, may you sail a gentle sea,
may it always be the other guy who says
“this drink’s on me!” — Irish blessing

So, on this St Patrick’s Day, I am grateful for the vaccine that will protect me fully soon. Without a doubt, I’m tired of worrying about breathing someone else’s air when they refuse to wear a mask.

I want to visit the little shops that make my community so unique, but my fourteen days isn’t quite up yet.

So, we’ll taste a bit o’ the Irish Whiskey tonight, and call it a celebration.

Hope is within our grasp – Wear a mask!

May St Patrick’s Day 2022 arrive in a more normal world!


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