Memorial Day

We celebrate the lives of too many, who left us too soon, on this Memorial Day!

We kneel in honor of those who gave their lives
We kneel in honor of those who gave their lives

I named the protagonist’s family in my book series after my Grandpa Burton. It was in honor of all the Memorial Day Celebrations we attended at the local cemetery as we placed flowers on the graves of those in our family who served since WWI.

Grandpa Burton is the man who taught me honor, integrity, faith, and love. There is no better family name for a young girl who’s singular goal is to inspire kids to be kind and empower them to help others.

The Burton’s have a solid history in guaranteeing the very origins of this country:

  • Joseph Burton – Battle of 1812 and the Black Hawk War
  • Judge May Burton – Battle of 1812
  • Captain May Burton Jr. – American Revolution
  • Ambrose Burton – American Revolution
  • Captain James Burton – American Revolution
  • Ensign William Burton – American Revolution

These men created the spirit and soul I hope to give young Elle in my books. They inspire me each day to appreciate this great land of ours and to demand respect for all of us from those who lead us in this land we call home.

On this Memorial Day, I salute not only my family but yours. There are so many young men and women who have served our country in lands they never dreamed of ever traveling to.

Italy 2009-0903I remember standing in the Tuscan countryside a few years ago over the grave of a Minnesota soldier who died in Italy during WWII. We were at the Florence American Cemetery (Click on name for site). I cried as I remembered the anguish of my stepfather as he recounted his capture during the Christmas Holiday in the Battle of the Bulge. If any of you readers were there, he was in the 106th Infantry.

I cried when I remembered my friend Bertha Stites as she recounted her father’s nightmares. He was one of the first American soldiers to walk into one of the death camps in Germany.

I cried when I remembered my classmate who died in Vietnam and my husband’s friend who gave up his place at Bob Hope’s stage show because he only had a few weeks left in Vietnam and he wanted someone new coming in to be able to laugh that night.

You have your own family memories. We all go to our local cemeteries and weep as the flags are raised and the sound of taps echo across the countryside.

This is a weekend to place flags outside our homes and fall to our knees in gratitude of the men and women who were brave enough to guarantee we could grow up in this incredible country.

Memorial Day 3
Memorial Day 2016

Memorial Day is your excuse to make a contribution to our armed services, the soldiers who have suffered life-long injuries, and a land that is yours to love and protect.

Memorial Day is a time when you have to decide what kind of leadership shows respect to those who gave so much.

Whether you stay home or travel, be safe this Memorial Day! Blessings from our house to yours. Never forget the human cost we have paid to enjoy the freedoms we enjoy.

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