Captivate with Confidence

You Can Captivate your Audience with Confidence
You Can Captivate your Audience with Confidence

If You Captivate with Confidence, Is it Possible to Change your Outcomes?

If you desire to captivate your audience with confidence, make an immediate change in your body language.

How do I know?

I know. I created my success assuming the Wonder Woman Stance. I didn’t know I did it at the time. No clue presented itself to indicate the outcome could be a level of success that was difficult for others to attain.

Nope, all I knew at the time was that my pain followed me everywhere. I had two kids to raise, and I couldn’t afford not to work. It was difficult for me to get in and out of a chair due to the injury. Sitting at a desk was torture as was everything in between.

Life tries to beat you upThe Solution?

The solution was quite simple. I knew I would be required to sit when I entered my client’s office, but the rules of play did not mandate me to sit in their waiting room.

I chose instead to stand and look out a window, gaze at a picture on the wall, or look expectantly toward the door the client would come through to greet me.

To reduce the amount of pain in my back, I slightly spread my feet apart (typically not the pose most women choose) and placed my hands on my hips. My fingers pressed into a pain point on either side of my spine.

That stance is known as the Wonder Woman Stance.

Stop reading here!

Listen to Amy Cuddy explain how your body language Confidence Inhalecan make or break you in the business world.

Body language can shape who you are.

Click Here for Amy’s Ted Talk.

Come right back here so we can discuss it when it’s over.


Okay, that was interesting!. Captivate with Confidence?

Oh, come on. Do you remember who I am?

  • I’m the seven-year-old who was abused by her father.
  • I’m the sixteen-year-old they bullied into an attempt to commit suicide.
  • I’m the young mother who learned she would never be able to work again due to back and brain injuries sustained in a head-on collision.
  • I’m the employee who left a job close to home to get away from a male predator in a supervisory position.

Confidence StrengthI’m also the woman who didn’t even have enough confidence to tell her husband she would prefer not to have to watch car races and reality shows on television.

I Wasn’t What I Appeared To Be.

I was the woman who lived in daily pain and found ways to work around it. One of those methods was to “Assume the Position”. That position was what Amy Cuddy refers to as the Wonder Woman Stance. I did it multiple times each day in an attempt to hold up my spine using my hands and arms.

To this day, the strongest muscles in my body are in my forearms.

What I ended up doing was to teach my mind that I was a powerful contender in any confrontation. I made money because I closed the deals others couldn’t.

I doubt the Wonder Woman Stance was everything, but it was a huge part of what made me, me. Whatever the combination was of positive body language and an honest effort to do the best job possible for those people I represented, I was successful. (See this article on my website on Confidence.

Try It Yourself

Try it yourself the next time you walk into an uncomfortable situation.

Stand with your feet spread apart and place your hands on your hips. Lift your chin by holding your head high. Maintain that stance for 2-5 minutes. I guarantee a poised and assertive attitude when you do it. Things will immediately perk up in your personal and business life.

Please come back and use the comments below to let me know how this worked for you!

(Note: Don’t forget to do this the next time you visit the dentist. I am!)

Author: Peggy McAloon –

Be Safe. Be Loved. Pass It On!

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