Land of Wonders by 8-year-old Sophia Li

Land of Wonders is an inspiration for all children
Land of Wonders is a Remarkable Achievement for an eight-year-old writer!

Land of Wonders Is Recommended for Children Ages 7-10

As an author, I couldn’t be more proud of Sophia Li, as we welcome her on the author’s journey. She has done a remarkable job in “Land of Wonders” of creating a world of magic and adventure as her heroine, Sophia, joins with her friends Cadra and Adora to restore the magic of a statue. On the journey, they meet others who share the journey and the magic they will need to complete their quest. The addition of the mother wolf and her cub to the story touched my heart. Somehow, kids understand that the love and compassion we share with animals is a testament to what is good in all of us.

This is a book every parent should share with children ages 7-10. It represents the courage and determination we all want to inspire our children to achieve. I was astounded to learn the Land of Wonders was released on January 6th, a day Americans will remember far into the future. It’s wonderful to know that our children were living their lives and doing good on that day.

It is a fast-paced story, but our children’s minds also dwell in the warp-speed arena of life. Sophia does a marvelous job describing her character’s surroundings, and the dialogue is typical of children in her age group. I can’t wait to see what she does next. Congratulations, Sophia!

About Land of Wonders from Sophia

I’m Sophia, and I am 9 years old in 4th grade.

I like reading and writing a lot. My dream is to become A GREAT AUTHOR. One of the benefits of writing something when you’re so young is that you have more and more writing experience and you write better.

In this book, Sophia is sucked into a portal and meets two new friends, Cadra and Adora. They go on an adventure to fix a statue that has magic. They meet two spirits called Norbert and Rosetta. Sophia, Cadra, and Adora find out they have magical abilities. They find the two pieces needed to fix the statue. When they get back, a dragon fights them, and they beat it. Sophia, Cadra, and Adora finally fix the statue and become great friends. I hope you like it!

You can read Land of Wonders Here.

Congratulations, Sophia, on your imagination, tenacity, and courage. It is wonderful that you have adults in your life to help make your dreams come true. Don’t ever forget who you are and why you want to reach your goals. You have taken the first step in a life full of joy and wonder. The staircase is no longer as steep as you once believed!


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