Avilar Mage Academy from a Ten-year-old Author

My friend, Sophia Li, is the ten-year-old author of Avilar Mage Academy.
Avilar Mage Academy is a book that proves you can do anything you set your mind to using your heart. I munched on left-over Christmas candy and grapes as I read Sophia’s charming book.

An Amazing Young Girl with a Huge Heart

I’m recovering from five broken bones in my foot and leg. That means more hours in a recliner than I’d care to admit.

I received a message from a young woman I developed a friendship with a few years ago during my recovery. She told me her ten-year-old daughter had written a book, and she wanted to send me a copy to read while I recovered. One author wanted to help another?

Sophia kept her promise. I received the book last week. I’d planned on reading it during our upcoming trip. But, I couldn’t stop looking at it and thinking about the kind little girl who wanted to make a woman old enough to be her great-grandmother happy. I expected the book to be a simple picture book. It was so much more! It was a complete novel. So, I picked it up and read all two hundred and forty-two pages. Imagine a young girl sticking with such a big project!

A Review of Avilar Mage Academy

I find it impossible to think of anything more exciting or inspiring for a ten-year-old girl than to read a novel written by a girl her age. Yes, this book is a delightfully thought-out book of 242 pages.

Koko, the main character in Avilar Mage Academy, has lived in the human world because the powers of Climeria banished her parents years earlier. Somehow, she has achieved acceptance at the most prestigious school back in her parent’s original homeland. Koko’s excited to attend Avilar Mage Academy to learn how to become a successful mage like her parents. As Koko struggles to find her special magic as a mage, she develops strong relationships with her classmates: Isabella, Lin, Adaria, and Belle.

Each of the students attempts to learn more about the magic they possess as mages. A war rages in Climeria, and the teachers expect students to use their magic to help. Lisel, the most dangerous of them all, leads the monstrously evil forces.

I had to chuckle as I read the book. The author must surely be a ‘foodie,’ and her descriptions of the various foods in Climeria are delightful. (I’m a ‘foodie’ too!) you haven’t lived until you’ve eaten a flufftart. I doubt you’ll be able to read Sophia Li’s novel without munching on something.

Inspire Your Child

Your child will be on the edge of their chair when the final battle between good and evil begins. Find out whether Koko and her friends can rely on their magic to save Climeria. Will everyone eventually live in the land of humans? It is a lovely story about growing up, friendship, and discovery.

I received a copy of this book from the author to give me something to do as I recover from a severe accident. It was a lovely gesture and points to the “heart” you will find in her writing.

Will your child use their imagination to create something like Avilar Mage Academy?
Sophia Li shares her incredible gift of imagination in her book, Avilar Mage Academy.

Meeting Sophia Li

My phone pinged the other night. Typically, the social media and text messages come from my sons just before the television evening news, but I found myself suddenly engulfed in a delightful chat with Sophia Li. She’d read my review and wanted to thank me for reading Avilar Mage Academy.

Sophia’s comments were delightful. She’s a young girl who notices everything and loves life. This vibrant little girl immediately captured my heart as we talked about my little dog, Shelby, and Sophia’s sparkly red and blue beta fish.

A Generational Error

Then, as a member of a much older generation, I clicked on the little camera at the top of the page, thinking I could send her a picture of Shelby with our old dog, Hailey. Suddenly, my phone connected me with Sophia and her mom. Facetime, after I put my (modest) pajamas on. Really?!?

We had a wonderful time chatting, and Sophia even showed me the new fish she received for Valentine’s Day. Sophia is funny and exuberant. Her compassion for others shows in both her writing and her actions. Mostly, Sophia is an inspiration to all of us. She teaches us we can do anything if we put our hearts into it.

I urge parents, grandparents, aunts, or uncles to consider Sophia’s book as an inspiration for the child in your life. With everything they’ve experienced during this pandemic, they need reminders that kids can accomplish far more than we can even imagine.

Note: After my rather unexpected face-time with Sophia, I apologized to her mother. I would never have started such a call without first asking her mother’s permission. It frightened me after we hung up to realize how easily smartphones allow others to connect with our children. Her mother is as compassionate as her daughter and understood my mistake.

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