Saturday’s Pick: Author N. A. Cauldron

About N. A. Cauldron N. A. Cauldron writes books for all ages. While fantasy and science fiction usually pique her interest; humor, character conflict, and smart-aleck dialogue are her favorite go to’s. She currently resides in eastern Cupola with 12 gramwhats, three cats, and a herd of domesticated moths.  I found Ms. Cauldron’s official description […]

The Blessings from Adoption Abound

The Adoption of Cosmo — Hope for New Beginnings I have two grandchildren who had a pretty rough beginning in life. When my son and his wife adopted them, I watched as they struggled to trust and love. I can’t begin to imagine the tragic circumstances of their early years, but I wanted to find […]

Cosmo Is Adopted – New Release Offers Hope

Writing About The Little Dog Who Inspires So Many Yesterday became a big day very quickly. Not only did we celebrate Palm Sunday, but it materialized as the ‘Accidental Release Day’ for Cosmo Is Adopted. I know what you’re thinking: “Accidental Release Day?” Having the book release on Palm Sunday is definitely an accidental occurrence. […]