Time Travel – Out of Time by Loretta Livingstone

Book Review: Time Travel Is Real in Loretta Livingstone’s Book

Are you a fan of time travel novels?
Out of Time is a beautiful time travel experience with a “catch your breath” ending.

I don’t know about you, but I really enjoy time travel novels. It’s the reason I picked up a copy of Loretta Livingstone’s book Out of Time. I wasn’t disappointed.

I remember wondering if my ancestors gazed at the same spots as I traveled across England. What an amazing journey it would be to travel back through time and see the remnants of life as our ancestors saw it. This book gave me a glimpse into a time in life there when my ancestors served the King and fought for a nation against foreign interests.

My Review of Out of Time

Marion is rather bored as she waits for daughters Chloe and Shannon to tour what’s left of the old abbey, so she takes her book out of the car to try to find a shady spot to read. What she finds “blows her mind.” She is immediately transported from the year 2006 back into the year 1191.

Giles de Soutenay is desperately trying to prove his allegiance to John as the military troupe nears the abbey. It’s then that the unthinkable happens and the destiny of a country lies in the hands of a woman from the future who more closely resembles a wood fairy than any human these people have seen before. I loved Hildegard, the Abbess and her understanding of the human spirit.

Ms. Livingstone’s research and attention to detail are first-rate. The dialogue changes would be difficult for any author, but she handles them with great care. The lessons learned throughout the book of family love, challenges, duty, and courage are timeless. Well done!

Out of Time: Awarded Editor’s Choice and short-listed for the 2016 Historical Novel Society Indie Award

1191: Giles de Soutenay has never liked or trusted John, Count of Mortain, but when John is taken seriously ill, it falls to Giles to make sure of his survival.

2006: Marion Hart, visiting the ruined Abbey of Sparnstow, could never have imagined she would be called upon to help save one of the most dangerous men of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. Falling through a gap in time, she finds herself administering first aid to John, inadvertently endangering both herself and Giles.

Book #1 of the Out of Time series – a time travel story, set in medieval England.

Meet Loretta Livingstone, author of Out of Time

Loretta Livingstone is a British author, who lives with her husband in a beautiful area of the Chilterns. She writes fiction and poetry collections.

Her first foray into the world of fiction was her novelette, Where Angels Tread – a story about a young homeless girl. More fiction is following fast.

Loretta has recently published A Promise to Keep – the sequel to her first historical/timeslip novel, Out of Time, which was short-listed for the 2016 HNS Indie Award, and she’s now working on book 3 in the series, Blossom on the Thorn, although she admits to getting slightly distracted by ideas for books 4, 5 and 6.

Loretta says of her work, “Above all, I want to leave my readers with smiles on their faces.”

More By Loretta Livingstone

The sequel in the Time Travel Series is "A Promise to Keep."
Promise to Keep is the second book in the Time Travel Series

A Promise to Keep: For the last five years, Marion has kept the promise she made to a medieval knight, one Giles de Soutenay, to deliver two Epipens every year at Whitsuntide via the mystical beech tree which once catapulted her back in time. As long as Giles is able to provide these devices for Prince John, he will be able to keep his lands…and his life.

But this year, Marion is in hospital. Desperate to keep her word, she entrusts the devices to Shannon, her daughter.

Shannon only has to place the Epipens in a hollow in the roots of the old tree. However, she has recently been betrayed by the man she trusted. Still hurting and embarrassed by the pity she sees in the eyes of her friends, she just wants to get as far away as possible. And she can’t get much further away than the twelfth century.

Hildegarde, Abbess of Sparnstow, is expecting a visit from Giles. She is not expecting a young woman from 2012.

Although this is book 2 in the Out of Time series, you can read it as a standalone novel. Genre: Timeslip/Historical Fiction

Take a minute to check out Ms. Livingstone’s other books.

You Can Learn More About Author Loretta Livingstone, beyond her time travel novels, Here:

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    Sounds a very interesting book, Peggy. Thanks for sharing and certainly one that will go on my TBR list.

    • Wonderful! Let me know what you think. I kept picturing our trip to the British Isles and my ancestors there as I read it. My grandmother was a Kennedy and the historical aspect was fascinating.

    • Aw, thanks, Julie. I hope you enjoy it.

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