Grandma Was A Little Spitfire & A Patriot

All My Friends Wished Grandma Burton Belonged To Them It was amazing to me how my grandma entertained my friends and always made them laugh at her antics. Whenever Grandma and Grandpa Burton came to visit, my friends desperately wanted to be included. Grandma was a little spitfire of a woman. She was funny and […]

July 4th: Honoring the Patriotism of a Nation

A Glimpse into the Burton Family Heritage on July 4th Every family in the United States celebrates the freedoms we sometimes take for granted on July 4th. As a descendant of a family who fought in the Revolutionary War, I have always felt pride in knowing my family helped found this nation. But, I can […]

Colin Kaepernick – A Mother’s View

Colin Kaepernick’s National Anthem Protest Colin Kaepernick didn’t show disrespect for the National Anthem. He shared his frustration with the nation of a system far too many of us see as broken. I’ve told you about the young black football player who saved me at the University of Northern Iowa from being raped by a […]