Celia Saves the Day – Saturday’s Pick

Celia and the Fairies by Karen McQuestion If you liked Elle Burton and the Reflective Portals, you’ll fall in love with Celia and the Fairies. Like the Elle character, Celia exhibits kindness and positivity. Well, most of the time she does. Like any child, she has moments when she doubts her strength. That’s a good thing […]

Cosmo Is Adopted – New Release Offers Hope

Writing About The Little Dog Who Inspires So Many Yesterday became a big day very quickly. Not only did we celebrate Palm Sunday, but it materialized as the ‘Accidental Release Day’ for Cosmo Is Adopted. I know what you’re thinking: “Accidental Release Day?” Having the book release on Palm Sunday is definitely an accidental occurrence. […]

Facing the Grim Reaper With Courage

Death Isn’t Something I’ve Planned For – Please say a prayer for me today. Today, as I write this post, a dense blanket of clouds covers the sky. It’s the kind of day old people find themselves thinking about the Grim Reaper. They think about the life that’s no longer easy to maneuver. I had […]