Our Children – Our Guns

I could hardly breathe. More desperate than ever, I wrapped my arms tightly around my chest. The lights were dim, but I could hear the flurry of motion down the hallway. Was my baby dying as I sat in the corner staring out at the dark skies surrounding the hospital? “You are responsible, not me! […]

Lost Hope – No Room in the Inn

Are We a Nation of Lost Hope? Is There No Room in the Inn? Lost hope is a state of mind a child can’t begin to comprehend. At least, not until something tragic rips the joy from their life and leaves them in turmoil. One of my earliest memories is of a man I don’t […]

Responsibility Breeds Hope For The Future

We Can’t Ignore Our Responsibility Any Longer As I sit here reading and re-reading Lincoln’s statement above, I can’t help but wonder who we are. Are we a generation which refuses to take responsibility for our actions? For fifteen years, I fought to increase awareness for the degradation of our water quality throughout the country. […]