Spider Poop – Oh My

What Does Spider Poop Look Like? By Author N.A. Cauldron

Airborne Poop – Never stand behind a Bald Eagle! (Video courtesy of YouTube)

Did you know that tarantula and bird poop look the same? That some small birds excrete toxic weapons? Or that rabbits eat their feces only to poop it out again? How about the fact that cricket manure smells like oranges? No? This book covers that and more in the weird world of animal poop.

This book explains why different animals poop different ways. It uses pictures and links to websites and videos to satisfy even the most curious of gross science enthusiasts. You’ll find yourself trying to identify animal poop later and also trying to figure out what the animal last ate.

Great for any classroom, this book is short enough to keep their attention but filled with wild and crazy facts few would guess to be true. The e-version has embedded links to further their education. The paperback provides the same links, but they must be typed out in a browser.

Why Poop?

Quite honestly, this is the kind of thing little boys live to talk about with their friends.

We had a pet salamander when the kids were little. Every time it rained, kids would line up at my front door with an earthworm dangling from their fingers, begging to feed Sally. You see Sally the salamander sat up on her bottom with front legs raised in the air when the kids dangled a worm over her cage. The kids loved it!

My boys also loved finding poop in the woods when we took them on a boy scout field trip. Everyone was engaged in trying to figure out who last pooped in the woods.

Did you know that bird poop spreads seeds? (I knew that!)

My Review:

I had two sons, and if it was gooey, pooey, or stinky, they quickly brought it to my attention. (Sometimes, they even brought it in the house.) As a grandmother now, it gave me great pleasure to purchase this book for my grandson. (Hmm, maybe!)

It is filled with pictures and links to websites and videos to increase the understanding of how to identify animals in the wild and the backyard. (This would have been a great asset in Alaska when I saw the poo long before I spotted the footprints of the grizzly walking the path ahead of us.)

Kids will laugh and want to share their new “stinky” knowledge with all their friends at school.

Who knows, my grandson may decide to become a zoologist when he grows up. Besides, it’s rather important to know whether the scat in your yard resulted from a visit by a rabbit or a skunk!

About the Author


The Author writes about much more than poop!
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N. A. Cauldron grew up on the outskirts of modern Cupola. As a young child, she enjoyed listening to the tales told of Cupolian’s history. Those stories ultimately led to a successful career as a research historian and her recent authorship of historical fiction. She is an avid herbologist and spends her free time hunting out and collecting rare herbs for her potion making. She is especially fond of the snaggled tooth humpmoss and has been known to spend weeks at a time on fungal expeditions.

Although Ms. Cauldron spends her time attempting to acquiesce to earth’s society, her roots and her permanent home will always remain in Cupola. She is currently studying earthly children’s literature and plans to contribute to its volumes upon finishing her historical works on the Cupolian period known as the Magical Revolution.

Other Books

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2. Anya and the Power Crystal

3. Anya and the Cavern of Trials 

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