Saturday’s Pick: Keith D Guernsey

Take 1 Father and 1 Son, then Blend in a huge dollop of Sporting Events…

And you create a magic which will live in your heart a lifetime! I’m delighted to welcome Keith D Guernsey to my website today. He’s retired and living on Lake Lanier in Gainesville, Georgia with his lovely wife Susan and his four-footed son Harley. (Harley is the King of their Castle, just ask Keith and Susan!)

Keith D Guernsey shares his passion for sports and his son in his memoirs.

Keith is originally from Lexington, Massachusetts where he attended Lexington High School. While living in Massachusetts, he studied Geography at Framingham State College.

Keith, Massachusetts is one of my favorite destinations. My brother-in-law and his family live in Gloucester and my time of discovery in Boston is an incredible memory. So, what’s one of your favorite places in your home state? 

My hometown of historic Lexington. (Lexington is a town in Massachusetts, northwest of Boston. ILexington is famous for Lexington Common, or Battle Green, where they fired the first shot of the American Revolutionary War. On the green, the Minuteman Statue and Revolutionary Monument commemorate militia who clashed with the British. Close by, the Hancock-Clarke House documents the town’s role in the revolution and the residents honor it in re-enactments.)

Keith D Guernsey endured two brain surgeries. Keith, Have you struggled with any memory issues since the surgery?

Not at all! (That’s truly a blessing!)

What was the greatest challenge you faced in your recovery?

The biggest trial came from losing the hearing in my left ear.

Keith D Guernsey is a devoted fan in Beantown!
A Love for Hometown Sports Teams

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Confessions of a Beantown Sports Junkie is a delightful, light-hearted trip down memory lane for you. As a player, coach, and avid fan of all things Boston was it difficult for you to relive some of the challenges you faced with your surgeries?

Yes, but I received a lot of help from those who accompanied me to all these great events!

What is the best memory you have of a game with your son?

My fondest memory isn’t of a sporting event. Rather, it is a weekend trip we took. Dad, Keith Anthony and I set out for the car races at Lime Rock Park. Camping under the stars, father and son bonding and s’mores made it the best weekend ever!

Please tell us a little about the three championship teams you played on.

Susan calls it “Geezer” ball! It is slow-pitch senior softball and is more laughs than you can imagine! (watching us slow old guys run the bases is AFV or YouTube worthy) Two took place in Methuen, Mass and the third in Norcross, GA after we moved here. I had enough fun that I am now trying to get it started here in Gainesville!

What is your son’s favorite team and why?

When I asked Keith what his favorite Boston sports team was, he said “all of them after 2003”. Did I train him right or what?

Keith D Guernsey’s fondest memories of all the things that bond fathers and sons.

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Fathers and Sons – Sports and Life is a sequel to your first book. I spent the two months before Christmas writing stories for my sons, so our family history isn’t lost. Do you have more stories to share?

They tell me I do! As a matter of fact, six readers asked me at our holiday party when book three is coming out? Stay tuned for 2017!

Please share an excerpt from this book that will touch the hearts of fathers everywhere.

“Dad dove out to stop the shot and dislocated his shoulder. The memory of seeing your father carried off the ice on a stretcher is shocking, painful and not something I wish on anyone.”

If you could pick your teammates, who is on your team for Super Bowl 2025?

Tom Brady, Tedy Bruschi, and Rodney Harrison!

Is there anything else Keith D Guernsey wants to share with my readers?

I thank my lovely wife, Susan for being my muse!

Also, I thank my readers for their unwavering support!

Thank you, Keith, for sharing some time with us here and for your beautiful inspiration as a father and a coach.

Our kids need more adults like Keith!

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