Saturday’s Pick: Pixie and The Green Book Mystery

A Delightful Early Chapter Book: Pixie and The Green Book Mystery

Pixie and the Green Book Mystery is a delightful children's Chapter Book
In “Pixie and The Green Book Mystery” we discover Pixie loves green apples

Pixie and The Green Book Mystery is a delightful early chapter book. Marigold (who prefers to be called Pixie) is having a rather complicated day. Her choice of clothing covered in green apples has set off the class bully, Jack and nothing her BFF, Alora, can do will fix it. If there’s one thing Pixie knows for sure, it’s that the teacher won’t help.

Things appear to be improving when her mother suggests a trip to the Rocky Point Library after school. Pixie is an avid reader and immediately heads to her favorite corner of the library. Today isn’t a typical day, however. The stained glass window in the library suddenly casts a green glow on a dark green leather book and everything changes. All of a sudden, Pixie encounters Cindy (or is it Cinderella?) and a watch carrying rabbit. If that’s not strange enough, the weird librarian glares at her through cat-green eyes. She soon learns he’s the Book Guardian and he doesn’t love fairy tales as much as she does.

The Librarian is a Fake!

Pixie soon learns that the glowing green book may have a permanent effect on her favorite fairy tale characters. And, it’s not going to turn out well unless she can come up with a way to return everyone to their proper book. Alice is running around, and the Seven Dwarfs are involved in all the ruckus too. They’ve somehow become bodyguards of Brownie, one of the…oh you’ll find out. You’ll be singing “Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho, The Guardian must go!” with the rest of the gang.

The discussion questions at the end will help young readers understand the lessons in the book and also enhance their imaginations. It’s one of my favorite sections of the book. Plus, you’ll love the recipe for ants on a log! The illustrator of the book is amazing!

The author has written a delightful story to entertain and inspire young readers. After they read Pixie and The Green Book Mystery, they’re going to beg you for the next book in the series.

About the Author

Coraline Grace is a reader, writer, library romper, mom of four. This native Texan lives off the coast and draws inspiration from her wonderland forest.

She holds a B.A. in child psychology and a Masters in Education with an emphasis on reading, both supporting her passion for learning and facilitating children into becoming lifelong readers.

Coraline published her first book, “Park It! – A Guide To Austin Parks & Playgrounds” in Austin, Texas. And after trading the salt lick for the salt life she changed focus, publishing a cookbook and two Christian motivational books for success.

But her heart has always been set on children. So she followed her passion and began writing chapter books for young readers. Pixie And the Green Mystery is the first in the series and Pixie and The Purple Mystery is coming up soon!


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