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Outrageous Books Are The Key To Reading

Are you having trouble getting your son to read? One thing we can be sure will never change is that boys love funny books. The more outrageous the action, the longer they’ll be engaged in reading. Give a boy a book about a kid falling into a manure pit or eating worms, and they’re hooked on reading.

Boys love funny books because they love to laugh and move.
Young boys get hooked on action and silly humor. If you want them to read more, you have to understand that boys love funny books.

Your best hope for getting your son to read books is to find the zaniest books on the market. You want them to finish the book and keep coming back for more.

Girls love stories about a beautiful princess who wins her prince. They love to curl up in an over-stuffed chair and read for hours about the doe-eyed furry creatures of the woods.

On the other hand, boys love funny books. They want to roll on the floor with laughter and pump their arms in victory. Boys get hooked on snot-burgers and rip-roaring farts. If you want your son to read more, seek out the most outrageous books you can find.

If you have a boy at your house who isn’t sneaking a flashlight into his bed to finish a book, you must help them develop an insatiable thirst for laugh-out-loud stories.

Boys Love Funny Books – Choose Some Great Chapter Books

I remember reading the first chapter books to my boys when they were little. I loved making the characters come alive by making different voices for each of them. Now, I watch my grandchildren as they become hooked on reading. There are books all over their house, and my granddaughter has to literally be pulled away from her beloved books.

My grandson is a bit different. He loves funny stories, but he isn’t yet an avid reader like his sister. You’re more likely to find him shooting hoops or practicing his pitching skills than reading a book.  He’s finally old enough to begin reading some of the chapter books, and I can’t wait for him to graduate to some of the classics like The Wimpy Kid series.

Summer Reading Suggestions for Funny Books:

Boys Love Funny Books Like How to Eat Fried Worms

Boys Love Outrageous Humor and it can’t get any grosser than eating worms!

My Billy was caught more than once with a pocket full of worms. It never occurred to me to ask him whether he intended to eat them.

This book presents tremendous opportunities for parents to begin the discussions about being enticed by peers into risky behavior. It’s filled with humor and creativity. Young Billy is determined to eat those 15 worms in 15 days and win the $50 prize. Each new day brings another bright idea on how to make that squiggly, foul-tasting worm maneuver from mouth to tummy. Of course, the boys who made the dare never thought Billy would go through with the bet.

Did you know worms can be prepared by frying or boiling them? They are more palatable when smothered in ketchup, mustard, horseradish, and cheese. But, could you possibly swallow one? Most boys love funny books and this one will keep them reading to the end.

Boys Love Funny Books with a BFG To Carry Them Off

Boys love funny books and the words in this one will have their heads spinning.

Sophie is quite lucky that she was discovered in the dead of a British night by the only giant who doesn’t eat children. She soon learns that the scumscrewer, swishfiggler, pogswizzler giants who inhabit the hidden land would gulp her down in a heart-beat if the Big Friendly Giant wasn’t there to protect her.

The BFG eats nothing but disgusting snozzcumbers. Are you switchfiddling me? What the BFG wouldn’t give for something scrumpdiddlyumptious to eat. Will the BFG ever reach the stature of a royal hero and dine with the Queen of England?

Do you believe Sophie and the BFG can slopgroggle the human-eating Giants? Join Sophie in the BFG’s floppy ear on a fast-paced adventure across England and beyond. Even girls will enjoy this story. But boys, in particular, will love the goofy spin on words in the fast-paced book, The BFG.

Girls Love Funny Books, too! All These Children Wanted was Some Milk for Their Cereal

Girls and Boys Love Funny Books, especially when they make the Dad look silly.

Why is it that dads can never quite manage to do things properly when mom is away?

The two sisters only had one request: They wanted their dad to go to the store and get some milk for their cereal. How can one manage to stay away so long with only one item to purchase?

From the green, globby, and very grumpy aliens to the Queen of the Pirates who made him walk the plank, this dad was on the adventure of a lifetime.

Luckily, Professor Steg and his Floaty-Ball-Person-Carrier saved dad from the Pirates, the volcano, and the Eye of Slod. Things begin to look dark when the worm guzzling wumpires set their eyes on dad. Can the dancing purple dwarfs save the day?

Kids will love this quick-paced, goofy story and it will inspire parents to use everyday objects to improve their storytelling abilities.

The illustrations in Fortunately The Milk are absolutely stunning. Any early reader will love the way the story flows from beginning to end without chapters slowing down the reading pace.

Boys and Girls Love Funny Books, Especially When They’re Upside Down with Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle

Perfect for fans of Mary Poppins and Nanny McPhee, this classic series is all about learning and problem-solving. Young readers will love this book.

Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle is an absolutely wonderful soul. Children come to her house to play checkers, bake cookies, and dig for pirate’s gold in the backyard. Whatever the problem is raising boys and girls, she has the answers. Boys love funny books, and they will dissolve into giggles when they visualize radishes growing on dirty little girls.

What parent hasn’t struggled with a dirty child who detests bathing? Mrs. Piggle Wiggle has the perfect solution, including some radish seeds.

If your child is an answer-backer, it’s time to introduce her to Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle. Whatever will you do with the Never-Want-To-Go-To-Bedders Cure? I for one was most interested in the Fighters-Quarreler’s Cure. Wouldn’t that have been something to have in my apron pocket when the siblings decided they both wanted to play with a toy at the same time?

More Solutions to Everyday Problems

Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle presents a very good cure for Won’t-Pick-Up-Toys syndrome. But, I also discovered how excited a boy becomes when only one Christmas toy a day comes back in the house only after all the existing toys are picked up each evening. Christmas lasted for weeks that year and it was amazing how very adept a child can become in cleaning up after himself. (Besides, I didn’t have to spend all that money on locks and keys.)

Like Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle, I loved teaching my children manners and respect through life lessons. Many of these lessons were quite simply, “messy.” They learned quite quickly that respect for others and their possessions was the fastest route to joy and belonging.

This is definitely a book parents should read with their children and talk about. But beware — The greatest impact will come from reading only one chapter a day and letting the belligerent child digest the outcomes overnight before sharing the next lesson from Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle. (Someone must have been following my grandmother around to get all these stories!)

Books for Middle-Grade Readers

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