Let Hope Guide Your Future

Let Hope Be Your Guide
Let Hope Be Your Guide

Hope Provides a Foundation

Some days it is more difficult to be hopeful than others. I remember a training seminar I did back in the ’80’s shortly after my recovery from a disabling car accident.

I described a morning in which the alarm failed to go off. The children would not be hurried. My husband couldn’t find the lucky tie he desperately needed to meet a key client, the new puppy had an accident on the carpet next to the bed, and I was forced to lose an additional fifteen minutes in drive-time in order to take the kids to school after they missed the bus.

Sound familiar? Today’s lifestyle typically finds parents rushing to accomplish not only their goals, but to direct the activities of their children. That all happens before the workday even begins.

Don't Wait - Your Time is Now!
Don’t Wait – Your Time is Now!

Hope is the Emotion that Drives Success

I hoped my husband would notice and clean up after the dog. I hoped the kids would make the bus and when they didn’t, I hope my husband would take the kids to school just that once.

Hope is a funny thing. We tend to embrace hope on the small, annoying things in life.

What is more difficult is to reach out and grab hope with your whole heart when the world spins out-of-control!

Have You Ever Lost Hope?

We all have a Lion within!
We all have a Lion within!

Many times in life I lost all hope. When I was being abused and bullied as a child, I avoided hope because the reality of my childhood always dashed my dreams.

When I became a wife, I was told I would never have children. I lost all hope and scheduled surgery at the recommendation of my gynecologist. Four days before the surgery I discovered I was pregnant.

As a wife and mother, I survived a debilitating car accident only to be told I was totally disabled and would never work again. The specialists who were treating me suggested I immediately sign up for social security disability benefits. That prediction also did not come true as I ended a profitable financial career with retirement a few years ago and I’m now a watercolor artist, author, and speaker.

Discover Your Own Truth
Discover Your Own Truth

How did I find enough hope to challenge the experts and live a fulfilling and happy life?

That’s what this site is all about! Attitude is everything and HOPE is the most important piece in the puzzle of determining your success!

Stick with me as we take this journey toward a new and HOPEFUL YOU!

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