Happy Valentine’s Day – Love Endures

Happy Valentines Day to all who love has united!

Happy Valentine’s Day to All of You!

Valentine’s Day is a time when we slow down a bit, remember what we cherish most in life, and show our appreciation.

It’s a time when children draw heart-shaped messages to Mom and Dad. It’s a time when Grandma and Grandpa wistfully remember all the years and all the beautiful moments they’ve spent together.

The Love Songs

Valentine’s Day is a time when new lovers profess everlasting devotion. Men in love will present a ring to their intended, and the future brides nearly swoon at the sight of the sparkling diamond on their ring finger.

Love is the message and the song on our lips. “Our” song is Unchained Melody by the Righteous Brothers. But, you can probably find yours on Billboard’s Top 50 Love Songs of All Time.

The Underlying Devotion

Valentine’s Day is a time when we become mature lovers and understand how very precious our union has become to us. We suddenly realize that our happiness is no longer at the top of our personal agenda.

Whether it is the love of a significant other, our spouse, our family, or our children, life has suddenly changed. There is never a time we realize the true impact of love than on Valentine’s Day.

This is our day. A day to show respect and gratitude for the love we’ve received from those closest to us, not just our partner.

Love Provides Strength and Courage

We can’t forget on Valentine’s Day how incredibly important the strength we receive when someone loves us with a non-judgmental heart. It’s more important to us than the air we breathe. I will forever be grateful to my husband for showing me what love truly means. He has given me the courage to aspire to heights I only dreamed of.

How has your love provided stength and courage to your partner? This may be the truest test of real love. Love should provide that incredible feeling that you are worth more to your love than anything else in his/her world.

Valentine's Day love is shared with the entire family.
Valentine’s Day needs to be shared with the little people in our lives, too!

Share Your Love This Valentine’s Day

I had two sons, and they were just as excited about Valentine’s Day as any little girl might be. I’ve seen the look on a child’s face when Daddy comes in the door with a box of chocolates for Mom, and nothing for the children.

Do it up right this year and count everyone in. You’ll never regret your decision!

Men tend to obsess on what to do for Valentine’s Day

Men tend to obsess on what’s the right thing to do on Valentine’s Day. The answer is simple, really. Do those things that would make you happy. Share the joy of being together.

Everyone wants a token of love to be shared, but that’s not the main thing. What really matters on Valentine’s Day is that you devote 100% of your attention to the one person who makes your life whole. That means turning off all the electronics for one day in your life and paying total attention.

I double-dog dare you! Come on…turn them off now!


Love Survives Everything

Love Outlasts the Challenges of Life

And so it is, that Mike and I raise a toast to you on this Valentine’s Day. Our love has survived a heart-valve replacement, a heart attack, carotid artery replacement, knee surgery, gall bladder surgery, eye surgery, hip surgery and the list goes on.

Through each challenge, our love grew deeper. The fear of losing the one person in life who makes you complete has a way of putting everything into perspective.

That’s the best thing about love. When it’s real, and you become one entity when you’re together, that love will endure through every challenge and disappointment life has to offer.


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3 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day – Love Endures

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day, Peggy!

    Wishing you and your loved ones a continuation of happiness that is true love,

    ❤️ M

  2. Happy Valentine’s Day, Peggy!

    Wishing you and your loved ones the continuation of happiness that is true love.

    ❤️ M

    • Peggy McAloon

      Thank you, Mili! Sending sunshine your way. Blessings on Valentine’s Day!

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