Confident Students Succeed-Hope for the Future!

Confident Students Succeed During the Obama Administration

I stopped in stunned silence, filled with hope, in front of the television when I heard the words: “We have achieved the highest graduation rate on record.” (During the Obama Administration.) A typical day of multi-tasking is interrupted when my conscious mind picks up on the above statement. My heart soared. I’ve always believed that students filled with self-confidence succeed far more often than those who don’t believe this country offers the same opportunities to all. Confident students succeed while those who don’t believe in themselves never will.

Confident Students Succeed

Graduation Rates Rise

The White House announced that the high school graduation rates in the United States for the 2014-2015 academic year are the highest on record at 83.2%. Unfortunately, they admitted there are still discrepancies between various social and economic groups. My excitement is a bit diminished but still abundant.

How much of this change occurred because the first black man achieved the highest office in the land? Further, could it be that our children finally believed they could reach their goals regardless of their race or economic standing?

Did our first black President affect the attitudes of children across the United States?

Confident Students Succeed

What do we say to the student who tells her mother, “I’m stupid! Why can’t you get it? Everyone else knows it.”

Even when I attended school, I saw the differences in children put into groups. Those labeled and put into “special” classes never caught up to the rest of us. Children placed in “advanced” classes excelled beyond the others.

My story reflects the difference confidence makes in a child’s ability to succeed:

The fact I was named Salutatorian of my graduating class meant nothing after the college counselor told me to take targeted classes for two years only. She explained carefully that girls with a degree wouldn’t find a decent job. That was in 1965! My confidence level was shattered and prevented me from fighting for the degree I had my heart set on only a year earlier.

We need to fill the hearts of our children with “Hope!”

Every Group Increased Graduation Rates

The National Center for Education Statistics reported that every single group increased graduation rates, regardless of disabilities, race, or economic status (2014-2015).

Improved graduation rates are achievements we should have shouted to the rooftops. Why didn’t we make sure children across the land heard and understood the implications?

Children who saw the first black man to take the Oval Office became filled with hope. Isn’t self-confidence one of the top responsibilities we have to instill in our children?

We need to know how we achieved the graduation rates in 2014-2015 and what we must do to improve on it.

It’s Time to Do Better

The statistics are hopeful. But they still don’t give us reason to celebrate. Instead, we need to work harder!

During the 2014-2015 school year, white students graduated at a rate of 87.6%. Compare that to black students who graduated at a much lower 74.6%. The Hispanic students who populate our schools graduated a bit higher than black students at 77.8% while our Native American students achieved only a 71.6% rate.

How do we instill the self-confidence needed to encourage these kids to do even better under the new Administration?

What impact will the Immigration policies have on the attitude of our children? These kids have watched the marches and outrage by those who have stepped up to demand equality. Regardless of their parent’s beliefs, they have to wonder if everyone is equal.

Standing up for children’s rights is what I do. These talented young men and women are the future of this country. How do you and I make a difference? Can we convince them they can achieve even more in the current school year?

Confident Students Succeed
Education Reflects the Confidence We Instill in our Children.

Children Who Believe in Themselves Do Succeed

My grandfather gave me the gift of the I Can. It not only saved my life but convinced me to go back to college and take the courses I needed to be successful in my chosen field.

It’s time we give children everywhere the gift of the “I Can.”

We need to give 100% of our support to the teachers, students, and school communities shaping our future.

A proper education provides the skills our students need to survive and succeed in the adult world. How can our future leaders communicate and work with others without a viable educational foundation?

We become what we believe we will become.

Every Child Deserves for Us to Share the Belief that Confident Students Succeed

We now live in a nation where our young black students do believe they can achieve greatness. What about our Native Americans or the Hispanics who have brought their rich culture to share with us?

Let’s all get involved in a movement to encourage our students to graduate. They have a right to explore the history of the world and communicate in effective ways.

The children of the United States must receive an adequate education. It’s necessary, so they’ll know their rights when others attempt to take them away.

The future leaders of this country are sitting at a desk in a school somewhere in the United States at this very minute. They are acquiring the knowledge necessary to discover their creative abilities and leadership qualities.

Let’s Give Them the World

I believe we all now agree that confident students succeed. Our students are gaining the confidence to face life with the knowledge to spot those who would cheat them out of their rightful heritage. We expose them to facts and research to broaden their horizons regardless of the rhetoric they hear in their closed communities and homes.

What child can thrive in the future without a knowledge of technology? A proper education will instill in them the incentive to give back to this world which has provided them with the skills to succeed.

Education by its very nature teaches our children to react with reason to any crises and hopefully save the environment that sustains them.

Good citizens are rational human beings. They don’t base their decisions on those who yell the loudest.  Educated kids make choices based on knowledge in every aspect of the problems facing them.

Do you believe we can continue to improve our graduation rates? Please share your thoughts in the comments!




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