Andrew Comes Home: A Story of Loss & Redemption

Andrew Comes Home by Philip L Levin, MD Will Touch You Deeply

Andrew Comes Home delves into love, loss, and mental illness from a doctor's perspective
A heartbreaking story for anyone who has lost a child: Andrew Comes Home

I picked up a softcover copy of Andrew Comes Home at an art fair in Pass Christian during our trip to the Mississippi Coast this winter. I’d met the author, Dr. Philip L. Levin, several years earlier when I purchased another of his books, Inheritance, at an event in Biloxi.

The loss of a child is one of the most difficult challenges any parent faces. When Rick Lewis and his wife learned of their teenage daughter’s sudden death, their world was turned upside down. Nothing about their marriage seemed to work any longer. When Rick lost his job and divorced his wife, he simply sought a simple life on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

The sudden phone call to come back to Chicago to save his teenage son again rocked Rick’s world. He immediately headed north to find his son in a mental hospital. There was no decision to make. His wife was no longer capable of monitoring a teenage boy. Rick gathered Andrew up and headed back to Mississippi.

Will Rick find a way to save his son from himself with the help of his school counselor and teacher, or will he lose him too? How can one man alone be everything a tormented teen needs to heal?

Loss & Redemption

Andrew Comes Home is a story of loss, love, compassion, and redemption.

Warning: The book does contain some strong language and sex. For those looking for a clean read, you may wish to pass on this one. It is not pervasive throughout the book. The focus is on the anguish every family feels with the sudden loss of a child. Andrew Comes Home will take you through every emotion imaginable and back again.

My only complaint about the book was that it ended rather abruptly and I wanted a bit more to tie it all up.

I can’t imagine what it would be like to lose a child, but I’ve come far too close several times. Andrew Comes Home is an emotional read and may not be the right choice for someone who’s recently lost a child.

The Book Description

The shock over the accidental murder of Rick Lewis’s seventeen-year-old daughter destroys his career and his marriage. Relocating to South Mississippi, he responds to an urgent call to rescue his son. The boy, Andrew, has to learn to accept a new life in Mississippi, one so different from the one he knew in Chicago that even his father’s love might not be enough to save him.

You will not be disappointed in the Contemporary Fiction novel, Andrew Comes Home.

About the Author

Dr. Philip Levin’s writing stretches across the spectrum of literary genres. With 24 published books, hundreds of poems and articles, and his support of other writers through his television show, conferences, and leadership in Gulf Coast Writers Association, Dr. Levin’s work well verifies his reputation as a prolific and imaginative writer and goes far beyond Andrew Comes Home.

His blog, documenting his travels to foreign countries, are followed by more than 2,000 readers. He is available to give lectures to literary groups about how to write, edit, publish, or market and to non-literary groups about his travels around the globe.

From Dr. Levin:

Deep in the heart of rural Kenya, in a small village that had never seen a physician, I came to their hospital to volunteer my medical services. Over the next three years, I blogged of my adventures, later correlating my experiences into my book, “On a Mission,” and the photos into the children’s book, “Ndovu the Elephant.” Writing from experiences achieved across the globe, and as an Emergency Room physician, I’ve produced a broad spectrum of books in multiple genres, as well as a slew of magazine articles.

I served as president of the Gulf Coast Writers Association for over ten years. My suspense thriller, Inheritance, sold out its first printing and made the local bestseller list twice.

Across Multiple Genre’s

I’ve published two children photo books, “Ndovu the Elephant” of Africa, and the Chinese “Consuto and the Rain God.” This latter one comes with a professionally mastered CD of me reading the story with soothing background Chinese music.

My historical fiction, “Altered Perspectives,” examines two bible stories, straight out of Genesis’ Jacob and Esau from Esau’s perspective, and the Moses’ decision to return to Egypt from his wife, Zipporah’s, perspective.

Coming soon from Argus press, my contemporary fiction, “The Tides of Mississippi,” has won numerous awards, including the Grand Prize in the 2010 New Orleans’ Dixie Kane Classic RWA title and 2012 Florida’s Royal Palm (2nd place). My poetry and short stories have won numerous prizes in national contests.

I’ve been an emergency medicine physician for thirty-seven years, currently working full time at Memorial Hospital of Gulfport. My other civic duties include the boards of the Ocean Sprints Art Association where I serve as Recording Secretary and the board of the Walter Anderson Museum of Art, where I chaired several galas. I perform yearly voluntary medical mission work in third world countries, producing a widely read travelogue.

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