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It's time to Remember


I love Thanksgiving. It brings back memories of the family I used to have out on my Uncle’s farm. Grandma and Grandpa would come from Ottumwa and that was always a time for sweet new memories and good food.

Grandpa had a way of making everyone feel so special at Thanksgiving. We all listened closely to those things he stated he was grateful for. They were typically the things we all treasured.

Stories were told of Thanksgiving Hope on the Kennedy & Burton Farms in Missouri
Stories were told of Thanksgiving Hope on the Kennedy & Burton Farms in Missouri

We listened to the old stories of our Mother’s time on the farm back in Missouri. Grandma Burton had a house out back with a wood stove where all the cooking was done for the big feast. We were assured that the recipes for the day had not changed for generations.

Happy Thanksgiving


Enjoy your Family

You all have different traditions. Remember them as you gather around your table today. Make new ones that your children will remember with fondness when you are no longer here to share with them.

At our house, we have the traditional turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes with brown sugar glaze and marshmallows, cranberry sauce, gravy, vegetables, and Grandma’s dressing balls. Yes, I said dressing balls. Instead of stuffing the turkey with the dressing or pressing it into a baking dish, Grandma used her hands and formed about 3/4 cup of dressing into a ball that she placed in a greased baking dish. The result was a “ball” of dressing crispy on the outside. They were and are wonderful!

Like Grandpa Burton, if there are two pies to choose from I will forever make his choice: “I believe I’d like a little bit of both!”

Author: Peggy McAloon

Be Kind…Be Loved…Pass it on!

I wish you Thanksgiving Hope for a beautiful future this day!


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