Thankfulness: Hide it In Your Heart

Thankfulness is Synonymous With Autumn

Thankfulness starts in our hearts.
Falling leaves and harvest time bring us an annual feeling of thankfulness.

Growing up in the lush fields of Iowa, we always felt excitement in the air and thankfulness in our hearts as the harvest season began. Thankfully, the culmination of all those hours of labor would be the Thanksgiving dinner. We usually gathered at Aunt Memi and Uncle Bill’s farm. Granted, I cherish those memories of a thankful family brought together to celebrate another harvest.

Fall Surprise

So, as the leaves on the maple tree by the driveway changed to red and orange, imagine my surprise when I received an email from Annie Douglass Lima. It was about her newest release, Hide it In Your Heart with Thankfulness. With five broken bones not yet healed, the one thing I could do was paint and reflect on Scripture verses. Then, I felt excitement for the first time in months.

Hide it In Your Heart with Thankfulness features inspirational verses from the Bible. These coloring pages will help you relax, unwind, and enjoy some creative fun while hiding God’s Word in your heart! Uniquely, all the passages have a theme of thankfulness to encourage you to cultivate gratitude and remember all you have to thank God for as you color.

Annie printed the verses in colorable word art with decorative borders, blank on the back to make them easier to remove and frame or display, if desired. Thought-provoking journal questions following each coloring page will help you dig into the Scriptures even more. Focus on their meaning and application in your life.

Hide it in Your Heart with Thankfulness is an ideal Scripture memorization aid for Christian schools, homeschool programs, Sunday schools, or your own personal use. Children and adults will enjoy learning, practicing, and meditating on these artistically presented verses from the New International Version Bible. Order your copy today and start hiding God’s Word in your heart with thankfulness!

An Example of a Colored Page: Hide it In Your Heart with Thankfulness

Thankfulness and Compassion walk hand-in-hand.
I colored one of the pages with watercolor paint. “Hide it In Your Heart with Thankfulness.”

I transferred one page of the coloring book to 140-pound Arches cold-pressed watercolor paper. In the end, the results were spectacular. The chosen bible verse reminds me of all the emotions we feel during harvest season each year.

Moreover, I love this new release and the direction to reflect on the journal questions as I painted each word of Scripture.

From the Author

If God uses anything in this book to speak to you in a special way, I would love
to hear about it. I would also love to see how you have chosen to color some of
the pages! You’re welcome to contact me at

Peggy’s Review

When you need some time to escape the responsibilities of life, there is nothing to compare to art and the words of scripture to calm your soul. Annie Douglass Lima didn’t stop there in her new coloring book/journal presentation of “Hide it In Your Heart with Thankfulness,” a scripture coloring book with journal prompts for adults and kids.

As you add color and dimension to each word of the bible verses, you will reflect on how that word has affected your life. In addition, we can capture those reflections in the journal questions following each scripture verse. I’m delighted with the sense of well-being created by reflecting on each verse as I took my time to complete the artwork. Likewise, you can enjoy the same feelings.

Learn to focus your heart on the words written to bring us daily hope and thankfulness. Share the word and your artwork with those you love. You will cherish this keepsake for years to come. I received an advance copy of this new release for an honest review.

What Others Are Saying

  1. The Hide it in Your Heart series has provided me with a wonderful way to combine a pastime with a new way to focus and meditate on the scriptures. I especially like that my quiet time has taken on a new form that I might be enjoying just a little too much.
  2. The mini journal addition blesses the audience with thoughtful contemplation of God’s Word and real-life applications.
  3.  I recommend this coloring book because it takes learning Scriptures to another level of fun, and it is also something you can work on when you are bored!

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2 thoughts on “Thankfulness: Hide it In Your Heart

  1. What a lovely article! Thank you so much for your kind words about my coloring book. I’m so glad it’s been an encouragement to you during your recovery!

    • You are most welcome! It provided hours of entertainment during a time when I’m pretty much stuck in a recliner.

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