Spanish Literature: Saturday’s Pick is #1

#1 in Spanish Literature: All This I Will Give to You You can love someone completely. And yet, you may never honestly know them. All of us have secrets. After multiple decades of marriage, most people will share their innermost secrets with their spouse. Give Spanish Literature a try with the book “All This I […]

Author Journey Is A Crooked Path

Being an Author Isn’t Something I Planned. It’s the Hardest Job I’ve Ever Had! There was never a time in my life when I dreamed of becoming an author. If anyone asked, I’m sure my answer would have been, “Are you crazy?” I was never cut out to be an author. Life stepped in and […]

Flinch-Free Fiction: Melanie Snitker

Flinch-Free Fiction: Saturday’s Pick: Author Melanie Snitker It’s Saturday again, and time to introduce you to another Indie author: Melanie Snitker I will be featuring some of the best fiction from Indie Authors on Saturdays and today’s pick is author Melanie Snitker. My goal is to provide safe recommendations for those ages 12+ who want to […]