Engage Laughter – Revitalize Life

When Laughter Is Missing The pain was unbearable. Joy and Laughter disappeared entirely from my life. It was clear the doctors had given up on finding a solution. They simply dispensed stronger and stronger pills to ward off the constant migraines along with the back and neck pain. I struggled with the idea of suicide. […]

An Anger Rebellion Is Imminent

I’m Not Alone When I Demand We Stop The Anger It started when I was so little I can’t even remember the conversations. Anger ruled our household. I remember the back door slamming. Also, I remember the sounds of my father’s heavy boots as he stormed into the kitchen. How could I forget the swear […]

Laughter Is Your Best Natural Healer

Don’t They Always Say “Laughter Is The Best Medicine?” I can’t think of even one thing you could find humorous in the statement, “Your disability isn’t going to improve. You need to sign up for Social Security Disability Benefits as soon as possible.” There was no laughter in the room the day my doctor delivered […]