Racism In My City

What is the Foundation of Racism? I remember my first lesson in racism. It all started when I saw a black man walking down Main Street. Seeing a black man in town was something of an event at the time. You see, it was during the 1950s, and I’d never seen a person who didn’t […]

Engage Laughter – Revitalize Life

When Laughter Is Missing The pain was unbearable. Joy and Laughter disappeared entirely from my life. It was clear the doctors had given up on finding a solution. They simply dispensed stronger and stronger pills to ward off the constant migraines along with the back and neck pain. I struggled with the idea of suicide. […]

Holy Week Under Quarantine

It’s a Holy Week Unlike Any Other It’s Holy Week, and I honestly can’t think of anyone I’d prefer to live in the house with for the past 42 days, ten hours, and 18 minutes than my husband. We haven’t even had our first disagreement yet. (Although, there are a few issues with communication since […]