Radical Compassion: A Healing Journey

It Starts With Compassion for Yourself Why have we lost compassion for ourselves? Radical Compassion by Tara Brach teaches us how to use the RAIN method to control our emotions. Sadly, many of those emotions leave us powerless. This book provides the reader with a whole new way of recognizing our limiting beliefs. Many of […]

Christmas Love & Forgiveness

Jacob’s Bell – An Awakening of Christmas Love and Forgiveness It’s perhaps once in a lifetime you read a book that moves you from the very depths of your soul to correct the wrongs you’ve suffered in life. Jacob’s Bell is just such a book, filled with Christmas Love & Forgiveness. John Snyder’s book, Jacob’s Bell, […]

Take Charge of Your Healing Process

Hopeful Healing It’s been twenty-three months since my fall in London and very little has changed in my healthcare. Like everyone else out there, I seek any method to promote healing available to me. I’m no longer willing to explore those answers on someone else’s time frame. I remember the moment they told me I had […]