Anxiety Has Us In A Stranglehold

What Do We Have to Fear? I have no anxiety about dying. If true, why am I so afraid of a painful and gruesome death? I remember how terrified my aunt was of being alone when she died. Desperately, I tried to comfort her fear by reminding her of her faith. “All the angels in […]

Developing a Child’s Feelings Vocabulary

Cosmo is Adopted: Developing Your Child’s Feelings Vocabulary Our kids are watching us, and they’re scared. I want to help you help them. Because of that, I am sharing the first pages of the Cosmo book here, so you can use it to help your child get through the Coronavirus scare. Help develop your child’s […]

Trauma Clouds Our Vision of Safety

Your Trauma Affects Every Reaction When I began the journey to inspire girls who experienced trauma, women came forward to tell me their stories. Bitter tears stung my eyes as I listened to stories far too similar to mine. Looking back through the years, I see the little girl in pigtails who judged every movement […]