The Christmas Prayer – Wedding of Marta

Chapter 13 – December 24, 1907 – Marta The house was brimming with activity and Marta couldn’t be happier. Bertha and Mary Ellen helped Marta dress for her wedding. “You look beautiful, Sis,” Mary Ellen said. “I’m incredibly excited. I’ve waited so long for this day.” Marta fiddled with her hair. “It looks perfect, dear.” […]

Elle Burton Characterizations Are Born

How Were the Elle Burton Book Characters Developed? That’s an excellent question, and I’ve heard it from many people. Who are the characters in the Elle Burton book? Do I know any of them? I thought you might enjoy learning a bit more about how I created some of the characters. Yes, I loosely wove […]

Missing is Free – Lessons from Fiori Book 2

Missing Is Free – Kindle Download 9/17-9/20 Only Missing is free today through 9/20/16. It is the Second book in the Lessons from Fiori series featuring Elle Burton.  5 Star Review Excerpt: The story is full of danger, thrills, suspense, monsters, heroes and heroines, grief, humor, joy, friends and family, and even a little bit of romance: all […]