A Heartbroken Father – Saturday’s Pick

A Heartbroken Father Will Revive Your Faith Paula~Rose’s “A Heartbroken Father” is a book that will find you cheering for a ten-year-old believer and the angel sent from heaven to help her after the untimely death of her father. The book overflows with hope and supportive Bible verses. Each of us comes to our faith in a personal […]

The Magical World of Elle Burton

Elle Burton is a Guide to Winged Creatures from Fiori By: Naoki, Cub Reporter for the Fiori Gazette We are four days into the Blog Tour for Elle Burton’s newest release. “Missing” launched rather quietly a few months ago. Now it’s time to set off some fireworks and share the newest angels and demons confrontations […]

Inspired Children – Part 2

Every child…every adult can remember back to a time when someone inspired them. That inspiration could have been in the form of a small act of kindness that carried you through some pretty tough times. It may have come from an individual who inspired a faith in you that allowed you to blossom as you grew. My […]