Saturday’s Pick: Mrs. Thistlethwaite and the Magpie

Mrs. Thistlethwaite and the Magpie:

A Tillamook Tillie Mystery (Mrs. Thistlethwaite Mysteries Book 1)

I couldn’t miss National Read a Book Day on September 6th, 2017, so I decided to pick up a copy of the first book in a new series by J. B. Hawker. You’ll remember this author; I interviewed her earlier this year. The past few weeks have been a bit difficult, and I’d just finished reading a book that cut to the core of my own life’s story. I needed to read a book for pure enjoyment. I wanted a light, mystery guaranteed to be a clean read and I found it in Mrs. Thistlethwaite and the Magpie.

Mrs. Thistlethwaite Resembles My Feisty Grandma

I couldn’t have picked a better book to strip my head of heavy thoughts and get my spirits back on an even keel. Mrs. Thistlethwaite may look like a typical grandmother. But, she can pack a punch when it comes to being an instructor for Tillie’s Ripe and Ready Yoga Class at the Senior Center or working with Tillamook’s Detective John Ransom to solve a new mystery.

I tend to giggle when the folks I picture as being a bit older than I develop meaningful and healthy relationships after the love of their life has already passed on. We were never meant to become solitary creatures who stay in mourning for the rest of our lives.

Mrs. Thistlethwaite Utilizes All Her Talents

Mrs. Thistlethwaite understands the raw emotions when you lose someone you love dearly. In addition, she’s regularly engaged in cerebral calisthenics after losing her husband to Alzheimer’s, to try to improve her mind. The loss of their son, Gordon, from an unknown heart defect, brings back memories of his last moments as he scored the winning touchdown for his team. After so much loss, this feisty little senior still has so much more to give back to her community.

I can smell the delicious food coming from my grandmother’s kitchen as I read about Mrs. Thistlethwaite’s marvelous baked goods. Actually, I raced out to the kitchen in the middle of the book to set some dough to rise so my house could smell exactly as I imagined hers does.

Mrs. Thistlethwaite and the Magpie was released in May, 2017 and has 37 4.3 Star Reviews
Review Quote from Mrs. Thistlethwaite and the Magpie.

Mrs. Thistlethwaite passes on what appears to her to be a legitimate clue to Detective Ransom, but his focus is on the Coastal Killer and Special Agent Harmony Billings instead of Honora who never returned home after dance class. With the help of Slim Bottoms, her best friend, and admirer, Mrs, Thistlethwaite commits herself to follow her instincts.

You will love Slim’s Wrinkly Keister’s Kazoo Band and their zany performance given to the delight of the community’s senior citizens. I can picture my grandpa doing that, too.

Mystery of the Magpie

I could tell you how the Magpie enters into the story, but I’m not. Nope, I’m going to allow you to discover for yourself how the Magpie delivers you like a gift into this delightful little cozy mystery. You’ll be glad I did.

Review Quotes

“This book is outstanding!! Her ability to use elderly characters – Matilda Thistlewaite and Slim Bottoms – is brilliant!! These characters (as well as all the other characters) are painted so vividly that you feel as though you would recognize them if you met them in your local church, grocery store, or neighborhood. The story is set in a small town and reflects the devastation and fear brought by the disappearance of a young teenaged girl and the evidence of the return of a serial killer. The author seamlessly weaves the story and has you wanting to read the entire book in one sitting. It’s about friendships, families, First Responders, and the criminal element. There is a myriad of surprises scattered all throughout this book. Read it. You’ll be so glad you did!! ”

“What a FUN read….it was very suspenseful, but the main character was a delight!”

“Matilda Thistlewaite and Slim Bottoms are determined to find the teenage dancer who disappeared after dance class. They don’t realize how dangerous their sleuthing can be! Loved the quirky characters and the intense drama of this mystery combine to make a great read.”

“A  very readable cozy mystery. Tillie is an unlikely, but thoroughly likable heroine, who has a very active life. She uses these life experiences, interests, and education to keep herself active, and help people around her.”


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