Miracles – Do They Exist or Simply Luck?

Miracles Date Back to Biblical Times

Miracles are the foundation of hope.
When was the last time you witnessed a miracle?

When I was growing up, every child knew the story of the miracles of creation. The preacher told us about it from the pulpit, and our Sunday School teacher repeated his words so we couldn’t possibly forget.

I believed in miracles. The Bible taught me over and over again that they were real.

Jesus calmed a threatening storm on the Sea of Galilee – Matthew 8:23-27

The blind could suddenly see – John 9:1-7

What little kid could forget how Lazarus rose from the dead? – John 11:43-44

Many believe a miracle can’t occur unless there are sufficient witnesses to the event. I remember the story of Jesus multiplying the loaves and fishes and the thousands of people who witnessed this miracle. – John 6:10-11

How Do You Define a Miracle?

I still cringe remembering the agonizing months I spent awaiting the birth of my first child.

The specialists at the University of Iowa Hospital assured me my complications would result in my baby being born brain dead. The urged me repeatedly to sign him over as a ward of the court before delivery. I refused, time and time again.

No one ever prayed harder than I did for my unborn child. My family prayed, as did our friends and members of our church family.

Our child came into the world, crying loudly. He had ten fingers and ten toes. Today, he has a Master’s Degree and has created a beautiful life.

How did this one small child defy the diagnosis? What is the explanation? Did the hand of God intervene to protect our child and allow him to thrive?

I know some would question this as a miracle. Others would say unknown influencing factors prevented my son from being born with a disability.

I choose to believe God intervened to save my child when the doctors gave up all hope.

Questioning a miracle will not cause a believer to lose faith.

We Must First Agree That We Disagree On the Definition of a Miracle

I believe a miracle is something that benefits man. It’s something that defies all odds and creates a beneficial outcome. A miracle is most decidedly something I think comes directly from heavenly intervention.

The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy first questions the conceptual issue of a miracle: “What is a miracle? Controversy over the conception of a miracle focuses primarily on whether a miracle must be, in some sense, contrary to natural law. Must it, in particular, be a violation of natural law? Supposing that it must be, a second question arises, namely, whether the conception of such a violation is a coherent one.”

One thing I have to agree with this about is the fact that my son’s birth provoked wonder on the part of my specialist. He didn’t argue with my assessment that the birth of my healthy child was God’s will. There were indeed enough people praying for that particular outcome.

How do we prove that an outcome is a result of God’s will?

I don’t have to.

You see, I believe in a loving God who strives to provide positive outcomes for those who believe in Him.

I do not see a decline in the signs and wonders of miracles in this world.

Have You Witnessed any Miracles?

The real question may not be whether you’ve witnessed a miracle but rather would you recognize one?

Yes, I read the stories of miracles in the Bible. I also believe there are more miracles today than you could imagine.

Would you refuse to believe that God’s hand is at work in the world today? I’m convinced that no one could accept the truths in the Bible if they had never experienced the answer to prayer.

Are we left to assume that everything is just a matter of flipping a coin?

Do you genuinely believe our outcomes will be good or bad regardless of our belief system?

I have seen miracles.

A current dear friend was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer and given only months to live, and that was fifteen years ago. His miracle of life continues.

I’m currently praying fervently for another friend diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer. Hundreds of people are praying for a miracle of healing for her.

There is nothing you can say to weaken my belief that God answers our prayers.

An Indisputable Faith

I look back to the stories in both the Old and New Testaments, and I rejoice with the confidence that God’s love surrounds us still. I look forward in faith and hope that the miracles will continue for those who seek His healing.

There are thousands of stories of miracles. Guideposts recently released the book Miracles Do Happen by James Stuart Bell. This collection of true stories of ordinary people who experienced extraordinary events will take your breath away and give you the lens to see the hidden hand of God more clearly in your own life.

When you think about it, you have to admit that without a knowledge of the occurrence of miracles we would be without HOPE! Miracles begin with prayer.

Have you witnessed any miracles? I would love to hear about it. Please leave a comment below.

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3 thoughts on “Miracles – Do They Exist or Simply Luck?

  1. Julie Watson

    How wonderful Peggy that you believed and did not sign your baby over despite the pressure you were under. What faith can do and God honours our faith and trust. Thank you for sharing xx

    • You are most welcome. If we watch closely, amazing things are happening all around us. Thank you, for the affirmation.

  2. Julie Watson

    I have witnessed many miracles and many answers to prayer especially prayers for my family members and I cannot deny how blessed I am in life. I give thanks to God every day for the blessings he has poured out upon me. That is not to say I don’t have challenges or struggle at times but I know how God has walked with me and led me.

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