Merry Christmas

We Wish Each of You a Blessed & Merry Christmas

Christmas Blessings 2

Merry Christmas to everyone. Today we play with the grandchildren and share memories with our children. This is a special day that belongs to friends and family.

This is a day when the food will be more than one family can consume, the sweets will be everywhere, and the tree will glow in the warmth of the fire and the lights on the tree.

Remember to share your abundance with those less fortunate. It doesn’t have to be much. There are so many people in nursing homes who have no family close and would love a plate of your homemade candy and cookies.

Christmas Extraordinary life

Merry Christmas!

Tomorrow, make a list of all the things you wish to accomplish in 2015! It doesn’t have to be a New Year’s Resolution, but to succeed in this life I have learned you have to set goals. Tomorrow there will be no new blog post as I will continue the holidays with my children in the Twin Cities. Enjoy your weekend!

Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas to all my friends and followers!
Author: Peggy McAloon

Be Safe…Be Loved…Pass It On!



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