Hall of Heroes Fantasy Giveaway

Enter the Hall of Heroes Fantasy Giveaway
Hall of Heroes Fantasy Giveaway

Check out the books by participating authors of the Hall of Heroes Fantasy Giveaway. Read more about them on Amazon. For extra entries to the giveaway, visit the authors on Facebook. Likes and comments are appreciated, but not necessary. But seriously, if it looks like the author writes cool stories, why wouldn’t you follow them? Find out more about them and be among the first to hear news and updates. Authors are needy people–please like us!

And don’t forget, Hall of Heroes is a free download!

Calling All Heroes!

Unwilling or epic, tragic or super, heroes are key to any story. Join in our Hall of Heroes giveaway for a chance to add both ebooks and paperbacks by eighteen Fellowship of Fantasy authors to your library.

At the center of our giveaway is the Hall of Heroes short story anthology, jam packed with thrilling tales. And best of all, if you can’t want to see if you win the paperback, you can get the ebook now for FREE!

We’ve also got a little something extra in the form of a custom journal set. So what are you waiting for? Enter now and join the adventures!

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Find a New Author and Experience the Fantasy Lands and Heroes that will Capture your Heart & Imagination!

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2 thoughts on “Hall of Heroes Fantasy Giveaway

  1. I am very interested in learning more about this group of authors as I write Tales & Legends for Reluctant Readers.

    • Cheryl, it’s the Clean Indie Fantasy (discussion) group on Facebook. Primary contact is Heidi Lyn Burke. PM me on Facebook if you need the link.

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