“Choose Your Shoes” by Jeff Nosanov

New Release:

Choose Your Shoes by Jeff Nosanov

Jeff Nosanov is on-track to release his new children’s book, Choose Your Shoes.

This new author has created an inspiring conversation starter for families with young children. Choose Your Shoes relates the world of grown-up jobs to children via the shared experience of choosing a pair of shoes for the day.

Jeff Nosanov is a NASA project manager. He is also primary caregiver to his and his wife’s two young children. Jeff’s soon-to-be-released book shows children performing different jobs such as astronaut, surgeon, and cave explorer. It highlights the shoes suitable for each role.

The beautiful illustrations invite children to imagine what their parents do. The engrossing style encourages them to explore what they might do as adults.

An Excerpt from Choose Your Shoes

I asked Jeff if he would be willing to share some sample pages from the book. He sent me the following two-page example. It’s no surprise that a NASA project manager included space boots in his selection of possible professions for children to choose when they grow up.

Every child who picks up a copy of "Choose Your Shoes" will begin a journey into self-discovery.

Two sample pages from “Choose Your Shoes.”It’s exciting to be included in the launch process for a new children’s book!

Jeff is waiting for a video production to be completed so he can set up a Kickstarter promotion prior to publishing the book. He’s hoping to have the Kickstarter Campaign launched sometime this week. As soon as that’s up, I’ll include the link to the Kickstarter Campaign right here so you can be part of this exciting project.

You might be interested in Jeff’s podcast project, 5 Minute Science, over on iTunes.

Jeff, his wife, and their two children live in Washington DC. I asked him what he enjoys doing when he’s not working or writing. His quick answer was that he and the kids enjoy swimming and karate.

He was also delighted to share with me that his children are in the early stages of learning to play the piano. He is a man who loves to inspire his children. Now, he is looking forward to inspiring children everywhere when he launches Choose Your Shoes.

Leave your questions below for Jeff about his time at NASA or his process of writing and publishing Choose Your Shoes. Based on the excerpt, he’s done a fantastic job in getting the illustrations and story done. I would have loved to share this book with my boys when they were little!

Every child dreams of the opportunity to Choose Your Shoes!
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