A Cozy Mystery for the Weekend: Cookies & Scream

Who Doesn’t Love a  Mystery? Cookies & Scream Fits the Bill!

Every now and then I want to sit back and relax with a cozy mystery. These are the times when I need to escape the world and allow a fun little book to capture my imagination without any effort on my part. Cookies & Scream fit that desire perfectly.

Georgie Tanner has more than cookie recipes to figure out in "Cookies and Scream."
Cookies and Scream is a cute little cozy mystery. It’s perfect for a rainy weekend read.

Georgie Tanner is delighted with her new job helping at the B&B. As a lover of history, the upcoming reenactment of the battle from the Revolutionary War is the perfect outing for the B&B’s current guests to attend. Well, they will attend if Georgie can get her van moving again.

The excitement builds as the actors prepare for the day’s entertainment. As the battle begins, Georgie realizes one of the actors has been shot. His lifeless eyes stare up at her.  How could there have possibly been real bullets in any of the guns? Even more disturbing, the victim is a teacher at the school with several enemies, including her old classmate.

You will love Georgie’s aunt Cecelia and her grouchy neighbor Oscar. What better way to catch the squirrels invading Oscar’s attic than to use a few of Cecelia’s fresh, homemade cookies?

Could the Killer Be Terry?

Georgie is tormented by the fact that her high school friend, Terry Brooks, has been arrested. But then, everyone in the crowd saw that Terry was holding the gun that killed Patrick Armstrong. How could he have done something like this with a wife and baby to protect? Did his one angry comment in school come true on the battlefield today?

As Georgie’s friendship with the local sheriff intensifies, the Baker Street B&B offers up cookies and recipes to get you through the mystery surrounding the reenactment. I was a bit disappointed the editing didn’t catch some of the errors. However, overall it was a fun read. 3 1/2 Stars

Book Description

Murder and free recipes! What could go wrong?

Book 2 of 6 in the Baker Street Mysteries- well reviewed for being clean, funny, sweet mysteries.

Tour guide Georgie Tanner has always encouraged her clients to enjoy the realism of an American Revolutionary War reenactment – but today things got a little too real. When one of the actors doesn’t get back up after the battle, the crowd is horrified to find out he’s really been shot. Patrick Armstrong, a local high school teacher, is dead.

Georgie’s old high school friend, Terry Brooks, is arrested for the murder.

A man with a young wife and a baby, he seems the least likely suspect. But, with hundreds of people as witnesses, there’s no denying he was the one who pulled the trigger.
He begs Georgie for help, and she’s determined to do her best. After all, he’d never do something like that, would he?

Her sleuthing skills slowly uncover other possible suspects, but, try as she might, she can’t shake the sight of the smoking gun gripped in Terry’s hand. And then she uncovers something that terrifies her. Suddenly, Georgie is afraid that she may have just sealed the case against her old friend.

About the Author

CeeCee James is a USA Today bestselling writer who got her story-telling feet wet with the many bedtime stories she told her children through the years. Some of her mystery series include- the Baker Street Mysteries, Angel Lake Cozy Mysteries, and the Oceanside Hotel mysteries. Readers know CeeCee James for writing flawed sleuths with a good sense of humor and an added dash of romance.

Her favorite place to write is curled up in an oversized squashy chair with a cup of coffee and a sleeping dog by her feet. She has two mini-dachshunds who like to snore and chase things in their sleep. In honor of them, there are usually dogs in her books, with the exception of the Angel Lake series, which has a cat in honor of the one in her author picture.

Writing has been a life long passion. Her first published work was the nonfiction Ghost No More. She loves writing about love and the celebration of life.

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