A Christmas Eve Lesson for All Generations

A Christmas Eve Lesson For My Granddaughter

The Most Important Christmas Eve Lesson My Granddaughter Will Ever Learn.

This has been a disappointing Christmas Season for me. We find dissenting opinions in every conversation on nearly every topic today. I desperately wanted to share a Christmas Eve Lesson with my granddaughter that exemplified the life of my grandfather. It needed to be in a way that was outside of our family. I wanted her to experience the raw emotions I felt throughout my childhood years as I watched a man with the kindest heart I’ve ever experienced perform one selfless act after another.

So, I purchased a copy of “The Golden Ring” directly from the author because it was infinitely important to me to have the author sign it for my granddaughter for Christmas. That signature solidifies the connection of the importance of family and the lessons to be learned if we only listen.

It has been disheartening for me to experience Christmas 2017. Suddenly, the “It’s all about me” attitude permeates every corner of this great nation.

A Grandmother’s Gift

John Snyder’s grandmother Anna exhibited a strength of character that people of her generation so freely shared with family and community. It’s the lesson I learned from my grandfather. This is a lesson I desperately need my granddaughter to understand as she approaches adulthood during a time when we’ve forgotten the true lessons of the nativity.

Anna and her father grapple with the message Jesus intended to leave for generations to come. Kindness is the greatest gift we have to offer and our very humanity. This book is a treasure we all need to share. When we are willing to part with something we treasure for the good of another, we pave the road we travel with pure gold.

The Christmas Eve Lesson You Need to Share With Your Family Today.
A Christmas Eve Lesson You Will Never Forget

About the Book

The Golden Ring is a touching Christmas story about giving, faith, love, and loss. The story is set in the year 1918, and it takes us back to a nostalgic era when times were simpler. The book appeals to all ages and is a story the entire family will come to love. The message delivered in this powerfully emotional book, about the good that comes from giving, will stay with you the rest of your life. The Golden Ring is bound to become a Christmas favorite … a keepsake that also makes the perfect gift … a gift that will be cherished for years to come.

It is just days before the Christmas of 1918 in Myersdale, a picturesque township nestled in the dense snow-covered mountains of western Pennsylvania’s coal country.

Anna, an idealistic nine-year-old, has an especially close relationship with her father, Joseph; a hardworking engineer on the B&O Railroad.

The Magic of The Dreams

A series of puzzling dreams shared by Joseph and Anna mystifies them both. Their search for the meaning of these dreams leads them to share an emotional and bonding Christmas experience. The experience, born from a common vision in the night, will forever change their feelings toward the holiday and each other.

One very special Christmas shared between a father and daughter. A brief moment in time swept away like the footprints in the snow from a cruel December wind. A Christmas experience so moving, so compelling, that it lives deep within Anna’s heart for the next eighty years.

“The Golden Ring” is a Christmas Eve Lesson you won’t soon forget

This is John Snyder’s first book. His grandmother inspired him with a story about one of her childhood Christmases. John owns a public relations and advertising firm. He resides near Annapolis, MD with his wife, Ruth Ellen, and their two daughters, Nikki and Carli.


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