The Christmas Prayer – New Life

Chapter 9 – New Life as Husband & Wife Life in Menomonie was anything but easy in 1884. The logging industry of Maine had moved toward the Midwest by the 1880s. Between 1855 and 1884 the industry had increased by over 1,000 percent between the Chippewa Valley forests and the woods of Dunn County. Millions of […]

The Christmas Prayer – New School

Chapter 5 – School Preparations Nettie wasn’t sure what she’d expected when she met Mrs. Willoughby Denton, the head of the parenting committee for the school. Mrs. Denton and the other two mothers were rather dull in dress compared to the fashionable women of St. Paul. She had to remind herself this was still considered a […]

The Christmas Prayer – Menomonie

Chapter 4 – Moving to Menomonie Nettie held onto Grandma Cupp tightly. The frail woman trembled as Nettie embraced her. The move to Menomonie was taking a toll on them all. Will I ever see her again?  Nettie’s crisply starched white blouse was wet on the shoulder from her grandmother’s tears. This move is unfair! I […]