Fantasy Release: In the Double Agent’s Service

Dangerous Enemies Resurface in this New Fantasy Release I invite you to take a journey to the Kingdoms of Malorn and Alasia in Annie Douglass Lima’s new fantasy release: In the Double Agent’s Service Erik was an orphan on the streets of Alasia when he was enlisted by the palace to train as a bodyguard […]

Is Oatmeal a Superfood? We Think So!

Granny’s “Bowl of Oats” Growing up in rural Iowa, the one constant my brother and I experienced in our childhood was oatmeal for breakfast. It was a tradition our mother handed down from our grandmother. While all the other kids in town were enjoying Cheerios, Sugar-frosted Flakes, and Sugar Smacks, Jay and I were downloading […]

King of Malorn – New Release

Book 5 in the Annals of Alasia Series, King of Malorn Thanks for stopping by! Take a look at this brand-new fantasy adventure story with a hint of romance by author Annie Douglass Lima. You can download a copy of the ebook for free between July 9th and 11th! Life as the younger sister of the King […]